• The Viliv S10 breaks cover sporting Windows 7, 10 hour battery life

    Well don’t I feel like a chump. Here I am, chilling with what I thought was the latest and greatest Viliv on the market when somewhere in the world, there is the S10! And it has Windows 7! Damn. Read More

  • A week with the Viliv S7

    So I have been using the Viliv S7 regularly for about a week now and I have concluded that it is the best netbook I have ever used. But yes, it’s a netbook. The S7 might have a touchscreen, convertible design, super long battery life, and a modest size SSD, but at the end of the day, it’s a luxury netbook. Read More

  • Newegg now selling the Viliv X70, Dynamism shouldn't be scared

    Dynamism now has some competition with the Viliv X70; well sort-of. Newegg just started selling the amazing Viliv X70 tablet PC, but don’t buy it from them unless you wanna overpay. Read More

  • First impressions of the Viliv S7

    This, my friends, is the Viliv S7. Mr. DHL just dropped it off. Let me say that this is one nice convertible, touchscreen┬ánetbook. Many commenters on the last post concerning the S7 baulked at the price, but I can tell you now that I’m holding it that the Viliv S7 is solid, well built, and a fantastic form factor. So far I love it besides a few small but important details. Read More

  • Viliv S7 spotted on Dynamism with pricing info

    Think that the Viliv X70 is hot? (It is.) The unreleased S7 is shaping up to be even hotter with a 9.5 max battery life, physical keyboard, and convertible design. Our review model is currently somewhere over the Pacific so until we can post some hands-on images and first impressions, head over to Dynamism. The retailer just posted the S7 product page that not only lists all the specs but also… Read More

  • The Viliv X70 is finally available and shipping from Dynamism

    I loved the Viliv X70. It’s a great UMPC and it’s finally available for public consumption from Dynamism. The pre-orders took a little longer to ship than expected, but now that those are done, the X70 is available for everyone. Better yet, you can expect it to ship out the same day you place your order. Now, the smaller, but still hot, S5 is a different story. Read More

  • Viliv X70 preorders delayed, should ship out on August 11

    I feel real sorry for the folks that pre-ordered the fantastic Viliv X70 from Dynamism. Those customers should have gotten an email today explaining that the UMPC has been delayed by about two weeks. It seems that it goes back to the old saying of how things roll down hill as a delay from component suppliers has been passed on to the consumers. Dynamism now expects the first shipment to go out… Read More

  • The Viliv S7's battery gets tested in Korea

    Viliv went all official on the S7 a couple of weeks ago. The hot convertible tablet definitely sparked my interest, especially the 4700mAh lithium polymer batter that is said to have up to 9.5 hours. That’s hot. Well, some folks in Korea got their hands on the portable and put that battery to the test. The results really aren’t that surprising. Read More

  • The Viliv S7, everyone

    Viliv is back again with yet another UMPC for the Korean market. Inside, the hardware is about on par with the X70 that I just reviewed with 1024 x 600 touchscreen, an Intel Atom Z520, 1GB of RAM, a 32GB SSD hard drive, and Windows XP. The S7 is equipped with a physical keyboard which should make it a tad easier to tweet. There is a chance though that by the time Viliv imports the UMPC to… Read More

  • Viliv X70 preorder deals announced by Dynamism

    Do you want the Viliv X70 UMPC? You should, it rocks. Dynamism is gearing up for the launch of the mobile PC by announcing a special kit for the first 777 preorders. The presale will start on July 6th at 1pm EST so be sure to mark your gCal. The X70’s little brother, the S5, went very fast and this model will probably go quicker. Read More

  • Viliv S5 3G gets US price

    We are loving the Viliv X70 with it’s built-in 3G modem, but it’s little brother – the S5 – wants some love too. The 5-inch UMPC will soon be available from Dynamism with 3G and more SSD options. These extras do come at a higher price though. Read More

  • The Viliv X70 product page goes live, geeks notice

    The Viliv S5 is one sexy kit with its 4.8-inch touchscreen and $599 price. But what if we told you that you can get the similarly equiped, but also slightly larger X70 for the same price? Yeah, I know, crazy, but the Viliv X70 will be available from importer Dynamism at the same $599 price. You lose a bit of portability with the larger screen, but tell me that a 7-inch touchscreen… Read More