The Viliv X10 Tablet surfaces at Computex, spotted running Android

Viliv is keeping the tablet love running with the X10 Tablet. The upcoming kit builds upon Viliv’s previous successful tablets, the S5 and X70. The X10 is entering the world now ruled by the iPad. The tablet marker is a bit different than when the other two models launched, but it looks like the Viliv X10 is ready to play with the big dog.

Laptop Magizine got a little face time with the X10 and walked away impressed. It seems both Android 2.2 and Windows 7 models will be available come launch time. Also, the 1366 x 768 16:9 screen powered by an ARM CPU displayed 720p content beautifully. An SD card reader, USB port, HDMI, front-facing webcam, and built-in 3G or WiMax completes the device. Can you say legitimate iPad alternative? I can.

Laptop couldn’t get a release date or projected price at Computex. I reached out to my Viliv contacts but have yet to hear back.