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Nvidia CEO clarifies its GPUs are ‘absolutely’ immune to Meltdown and Spectre

Nvidia issued a security bulletin on Tuesday detailing updates it made to its driver software to address the so-called Meltdown CPU vulnerability revealed by Google's Project Zero. The bulletin was mi

Nvidia’s new Titan Xp top-end graphics card also offers Mac support

Nvidia updates its top-of-the-line Titan graphics card yearly, so it’s only natural the Titan Xp got¬†announced Thursday.¬†The Titan Xp’s new specs include 12GB of GDDR5X memory running at

NVIDIA Launches New GPUs For Deep Learning Applications, Partners With Mesosphere

The days when GPUs were only about letting you play Crysis with a higher framerate are long over. Many of the most transformative new computational techniques now rely on GPUs' ability to quickly run

Is StarCraft II Killing Video Cards, Or Is It Merely A Harbinger Of Bigger Problems?

<img src="" />It seems some users are blaming <a HREF=""><i>StarCraft II</i></a> for the fact t

ATI Releases StarCraft II Anti-Aliasing Hotfix

This is just a heads-up for any ATI folks out there looking to add a little anti-aliasing to your StarCraft II-ing. ATI has released an updated driver, version 10.7a, that includes a hotfix that enabl

The Sapphire 5970 4G Toxic Edition is the fastest video card on Planet Earth

<img src="" />Damn you, Sapphire. Three weeks ago I bought your vanilla Radeon 5970, and now you release the Radeon 5970 4G TOXI

Asus Ares 5970 is truly two 5870s slapped together, no holds barred

<img src="" />The <a HREF="">ATI Radeon HD 5970</a> is ess

NVIDIA's flagship DX11 card drops, and the reviews are… decent

<img src="" />There's been a lot of buzz about the code-name Fermi series of cards NVIDIA has been cooking up. They're the company's firs

The ATI Radeon 5450: Eyefinity on the cheap (like $50 cheap)

<img src="" />ATI just released a new, super entry level graphics card that should placate, well, not <i>hardcore gamers</i>, but most

Our 13.5-inch Radeon 5870 X2 will blot out the sun!

...Then we will benchmark in the shade. There’s not a lot more to this story than “this is a freaking huge video card,” so just gaze in awe at this monstrosity and then move on to th

AMD's Eyefinity reviewed on video for your pleasure

<img src="" />Some day, I too will have <a href="">three

Radeon 5800 series arrives with no pomp, no circumstance, but major improvements

The more my games stutter and the more my HD content skips frames, the more I think about that wonderful day when I shall put together a beautiful new system with all new hardware. The trouble is that

Video card retrospective: take a trip down Video Memory Lane

<img src="" />If you've been a PC gamer for more than a few years, it's definitely worth your time to take a look at this long history of

How do NVIDIA and AMD's latest graphics cards stack up vs. each other?

<img src="" /> The eternal quandary for system builders has been much less quandarious (to coin a term) for the last year or so. Intel pr

First review of Radeon 4890 HD hits the webs

<img src="" /> Expect a lot more reviews in the next week or so; the 4890 is the product AMD has aimed at Nvidia's high-end cards,

New Quadros from Nvidia: expensive and powerful, not unlike myself

<img src="" /> Things are getting out of control in the 3D modeling business. Models for movies and games have gone from

Top-shelf Radeon 4890 spotted, examined

<img src="" /> As much as we like the giant-killing 4870 graphics cards from AMD, they have been around for quite a while now. It

Rumor or typo? Radeon 5870 X2 surfaces, dives

<img src="" /> A Dutch retailer briefly lists a "Radeon 5870 X2," along with specs — conspiracy? Coincidence? Sham? Legit? Or

GeForce GTX 295: not quite a 4870 X2-killer

NVIDIA’s ice-cream sandwich-looking dual-GPU answer to AMD’s dual-GPU 4870 X2 doesn’t excel, but doesn’t disappoint, either. Although the GeForce GTX 280 has recently surpassed

NVIDIA strikes back with the double-GPU GTX295

In what has become pretty much a standard move by graphics card makers, NVIDIA has revealed that its new fastest card will be… two of its old fastest cards glued together. It should be said that
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