Video Cards

  • Our 13.5-inch Radeon 5870 X2 will blot out the sun!

    ...Then we will benchmark in the shade. There’s not a lot more to this story than “this is a freaking huge video card,” so just gaze in awe at this monstrosity and then move on to the next post. [via HardOCP] Read More

  • AMD's Eyefinity reviewed on video for your pleasure

    Some day, I too will have three identical monitors for gaming purposes. It’ll have to be in my game cave once I retire as an eccentric millionaire, though. Don’t have room for it here. That’s probably a good thing, though, since I also don’t have the money required, and besides that there are still a few quirks to be worked out. Not to mention the fact that the best… Read More

  • Radeon 5800 series arrives with no pomp, no circumstance, but major improvements

    The more my games stutter and the more my HD content skips frames, the more I think about that wonderful day when I shall put together a beautiful new system with all new hardware. The trouble is that Intel’s got the processor thing locked down and AMD has the lead on graphics. I don’t really want to mix and match, but the pull of the Radeons might prove to be too strong. That… Read More

  • Video card retrospective: take a trip down Video Memory Lane

    If you’ve been a PC gamer for more than a few years, it’s definitely worth your time to take a look at this long history of PC video cards. I jumped into the game around the middle, when the Riva TNT was vying for dominance with the Voodoo2 and Rage 128. If you have a technophobic spouse or work somewhere where people think “PCI express” is a kind of train, you… Read More

  • How do NVIDIA and AMD's latest graphics cards stack up vs. each other?

    The eternal quandary for system builders has been much less quandarious (to coin a term) for the last year or so. Intel processor, AMD video card — anything else would be uncivilized. AMD’s 48xx series has been the only choice for a while, but the latest products from AMD and NVIDIA are a little less starkly separated. For around $250 (the mid-high sweet spot), the 4890 and GTX… Read More

  • First review of Radeon 4890 HD hits the webs

    Expect a lot more reviews in the next week or so; the 4890 is the product AMD has aimed at Nvidia’s high-end cards, and according to German site Gamestar, it’s doing a pretty good job. It couldn’t quite beat the GTX 295 without overclocking, but since it’ll probably cost about $100 less, we won’t hold that against it. Read More

  • New Quadros from Nvidia: expensive and powerful, not unlike myself

    Things are getting out of control in the 3D modeling business. Models for movies and games have gone from thousands to hundreds of thousands of triangles, and the lighting and shading necessary for them is getting so complicated as to require a whole separate video card. Imagine you’re an animator at Pixar — do you think they made WALL-E on netbooks? No, son. They probably used… Read More

  • Top-shelf Radeon 4890 spotted, examined

    As much as we like the giant-killing 4870 graphics cards from AMD, they have been around for quite a while now. It’s past time when more needs to be done than tape two together and call it “X2.” Luckily, they’ve had the successor to the 4870 in the pipe for a while now, and someone’s just gotten their dirty hands on one. Read More

  • Rumor or typo? Radeon 5870 X2 surfaces, dives

    A Dutch retailer briefly lists a “Radeon 5870 X2,” along with specs — conspiracy? Coincidence? Sham? Legit? Or just a typo? Well, check out the specs and then… you be the judge. Read More

  • GeForce GTX 295: not quite a 4870 X2-killer

    NVIDIA’s ice-cream sandwich-looking dual-GPU answer to AMD’s dual-GPU 4870 X2 doesn’t excel, but doesn’t disappoint, either. Although the GeForce GTX 280 has recently surpassed the 4870 in performance with its new drivers, the architecture of the GTX 295 limits the capabilities and makes it just barely eke ahead of AMD, and even then it’s with a price premium. Read More

  • NVIDIA strikes back with the double-GPU GTX295

    In what has become pretty much a standard move by graphics card makers, NVIDIA has revealed that its new fastest card will be… two of its old fastest cards glued together. It should be said that this is far from an ineffective approach: the 9800GX2 annihilated everything when it came out last year and the 4870X2 is the king of the hill right now on the price/performance bit. The GTX295… Read More

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