NVIDIA's flagship DX11 card drops, and the reviews are… decent

There’s been a lot of buzz about the code-name Fermi series of cards NVIDIA has been cooking up. They’re the company’s first DirectX 11-compatible cards, and rival AMD has had the DX11 58xx series on the market for months now, giving them a definite head start. The hope (among NVIDIA fans) was that the Fermi/GF100 cards would blow AMD’s out of the water despite the delays. That doesn’t seem to be the case: although the new GTX 480 flagship card is competitive with AMD’s best, it doesn’t blow it away by any means, and the feature set ends up being the deciding factor.

Here are some reviews by our favorite hardware sites:

And if you’re crazy, check out Maingear’s triple-SLI setup. Give me a break!

They don’t all agree — HardOCP found nothing to like about the mid-range GTX 470, while PC Perspective thought it a great bargain — so if you’re in the market, it might be worthwhile to wait a month and see what secondary vendors are going to offer in terms of custom clocking, better heat management, and so on. Drivers will also be improved once the cards are out there and bug reports and performance data start streaming in.

The first reviews of major hardware releases like this are always hotly anticipated in case, as was the case with ATI’s 48xx series, they totally serve the competition. That didn’t happen in this case, but depending on your needs and existing setup, the new NVIDIA cards could easily be the hardware for you.