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X is rolling out audio and video calls to Android

Elon Musk’s own social network X is rolling out the ability to make audio and video calls directly from the app to its Android client. One of the X engineers working on the project posted about

Waverly Labs launches a translation app called Forum with support for 20 languages

Waverly Labs, the company behind wearables focused on translation, has launched an app called Forum that helps users translate and transcribe audio in real time. The company says the solution is usefu

Bumble experiments with group chats, polls and video calls for its new social networking feature, ‘Hive’

Dating app maker Bumble revealed more of its plans to strengthen its social networking features during last week’s Q2 earnings, which saw the company’s shares slump over its lowered finan

Zoom fatigue no more: Rewatch raises $20M to index, transcribe and store enterprise video content

We don’t hear as much these days about “Zoom fatigue” as we did in the first months after the COVID-19 pandemic kicked off last year, but what’s less clear is whether people be

Tinder now testing video chat in select markets, including US

Tinder announced this morning it will begin to test video chat in its mobile dating app with some members in select worldwide markets, including in the U.S. The feature, which allows Tinder matches to

Skype now supports up to 50 group call participants, topping rivals

Skype is capitalizing on Apple’s struggles with Group FaceTime to attract attention to its own group calling features. Today, the company announced it’s doubling the number of people who

WhatsApp makes group calls easier, but calls still limited to four people

WhatsApp is making group calls easier with a change to the way its mobile app works. Before, users would have to start a 1:1 video call, then add participants — there wasn’t an option to b

Messaging app Line now lets you host group calls with up to 200 friends

Ever wanted to video chat with more than one friend at a time? Well, today you might be in luck as mobile messaging service Line has added support for multiple person video calls.

Online Meeting Service Expands To Video, Still No Download Required

As anyone who has attended online meetings knows, traditional software with its clunky user interfaces and required software installations was in need of a change. That's why LogMeIn's online meeting

Gruveo Brings Anonymous Video Calls To The iPhone And iPad

Gruveo, a service that launched last year to allow for fast, anonymous video calling via the web, is now coming to mobile, starting with today's debut of an iOS application. On the iPhone and iPad, th

Skype Building 3D Video Calls That None Of Us Will Likely Use

Skype is working on a technology that will no doubt be impressive when used once and then promptly ignored for the rest of time – 3D video calls. The project was revealed in an interview with the BB

Now 75 Million+ Users Strong, Tango Expands Its Content Business With Avatars And Real-Time Filters For Video Calls

Mobile video chat app <a target="_blank" href="">Tango</a> is continuing its content push today, with the release of new freenium-based features to enhance the mobile calling exp

The Video Phone Comes Of Age: One Fifth Of American Adults Have Made A Video Call

<img src=""> The idea of video phone calls goes back to at least 1969 when AT&T developed it's famous Picturephone which went nowh

Apple patent shows front-facing camera: Hello, video calls

<img src="" />Oh, patents. They're fun for about two minutes, then you realize that companies file patents for every cockamamy idea tha

Logitech + Skype = Videocalls

Remember how on G.I. Joe, or M.A.S.K. or pretty much every rad cartoon how they had giant wall sized screens they’d use to make videocalls to each other? And how, even though they couldn’t

Make Video Calls From Your Cellphone (If You Live in Canada)

Marvel at the wonders of 3G! Up in Canada, cellphone provider Rogers will be the first carrier in North America to let its users make video calls. This high bandwidth activity is made possible by the

Cingular Bets on Live Video

Most people only use their cellphones to make voice calls, we all know this, it is fact. Cingular, however, thinks its come up with a way to entice people to use its 3G features in a new way: video ca