Fitbit Versa review

For most companies, the Ionic would have felt like a disappointment. For Fitbit, it was something more. It wasn’t just a fully realized piece of hardware running undercooked software, it was the bas

With New Funding From Omidyar, Versa Launches Its Network For Sponsored Op-Eds

<a target="_blank" href="">Versa</a> is launching a new network for sponsored op-eds, which it calls Featured Perspectives. The startup is also announcing that it has raised a

LG Dare vs LG Versa: fight!

<img src="" />LG's two hottest full-touchscreen phones are out in the wild on Verizon, and if you're not interested in goin

LG's ultra modular VX9600 Versa coming next month

Well, consider me surprised. Even with pics of the hardware making their way out last week, my brain had haphazardly decided that the Versa was still a good number of moons away. Not so, according to