• Square To Beef Up Card Reader Security This Summer (And VeriFone Wasn't So Wrong, After All)

    Yesterday was a big day for hot mobile payments startup Square. The company announced that it received a strategic investment from Visa, giving the company a big stamp approval. And it also announced something that got far less attention: Square will be releasing a new card reader (the thing you plug into your phone) this summer, and it will use encryption at the read head. The news was… Read More

  • With Square In Its Sights, Intuit Readies A Tablet App For GoPayment

    With Square In Its Sights, Intuit Readies A Tablet App For GoPayment

    Mobile payments are finally taking off right now. But it is not mobile wallets for consumers with NFC-chipped mobile phones leading the way. It is payment apps for small merchants like those made by Square and Intuit’s GoPayment. Tonight at an Intuit showcase in New York City, I got a sneak peak at several new Intuit products still in development, including an upcoming GoPayment tablet… Read More

  • VeriFone Keeps Up FUD Campaign Against Square With Pathetic Facebook Ads

    VeriFone Keeps Up FUD Campaign Against Square With Pathetic Facebook Ads

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” -Mahatma Gandhi A couple weeks ago, VeriFone went after a much smaller competitor in a very public way. It accused Square, Jack Dorsey’s mobile payments startup, of a serious security hole which turned out to be not particularly serious at all. VeriFone was trying to spread major FUD… Read More

  • Square's Jack Dorsey: VeriFone's Security Hole Allegation "Is Not A Fair Or Accurate Claim"

    As we heard this morning, VeriFone CEO Doug Bergeron wrote an open letter to consumers and the industry, warning users of a “gaping security hole” in mobile payments startup (and competitor) Square’s hardware. Bergeron actually went so far as to ask Square to recall all of its card readers and even contacted all of the major credit card companies, including Visa… Read More

  • VeriFone Takes The Gloves Off, Accuses Square Of Serious Security Hole

    VeriFone Takes The Gloves Off, Accuses Square Of Serious Security Hole

    Mobile payments are heating up and companies are taking ruthless steps to knock down competitors. Today, VeriFone is claiming that Square’s mobile payments processor contains a serious security threat to credit cardholders and businesses. In an “open letter,” VeriFone CEO Doug Bergeron warns consumers and the industry of a serious security threat with Square’s card… Read More

  • Verifone Acquires Electronic Payments Company Hypercom For $485 Million

    Electronic payments solutions company VeriFone Systems has just announced the acquisition of Hypercom, a company that sells secure electronic payment and digital transaction technologies. The deal is an all-stock transaction valued at approximately $485 million. The deal is expected to close in the second half of 2011. Hypercom’s products range from countertop and mobile card payment… Read More

  • Square Competitor VeriFone Strikes Key Deal With PayPal

    VeriFone Systems this morning announced a deal with electronic payments giant PayPal that sounds like bad news for Twitter inventor Jack Dorsey‘s latest venture, Square. VeriFone, which offers solutions that enable electronic payment transactions and related services at points of sale, will extend mobile payments acceptance with PayPal and integrate traditional card payments with its… Read More

  • VeriFone Acquires WAY Systems For Up To $9 Million (They Raised Over $50 Million)

    Electronic payment solutions provider VeriFone Systems this morning announced it has acquired the assets of WAY Systems, a provider of mobile POS solutions and gateway services for mobile merchants. The purchase price consisted of an upfront payment of $6 million and an earn-out payable in one year of up to an additional $3 million dollars should certain performance targets be met. VeriFone… Read More

  • A Security Check At Square Ahead Of This Week's Launch

    A Security Check At Square Ahead Of This Week's Launch

    Earlier today, testers of the new mobile payment service, Square, got a scare. Emails were sent out suggesting that users had changed their bank account information, and Square was emailing to let them know that the new account was verified. The only problem? These users didn’t actually change a thing. Obviously, this caused some concern, as did the note at the bottom of the email… Read More

  • VeriFone Brings Out The Big Guns In Its War With Square: Apple Stores

    It’s no secret that VeriFone hopes to eliminate mobile startup Square before it even officially launches. Not only did they unveil their PAYware Mobile credit card-reading device just a week after Square made headlines with its unveiling, but they almost immediately started a major advertising push in places such as New York City cabs. And now they have perhaps their strongest weapon yet… Read More

  • Mobile Payment Service Square Simplified On Video

    Remember that awesome video that was made for the Twitter iPhone app Birdhouse last year (if not, watch it)? Well, that guy, Adam Lisagor (aka LonelySandwich) is back at it again, this time for the mobile payment startup Square. In the two minute and 18 second video below, Lisagor quickly and easily walks you through what Square is and how to get it up and running. This video is exactly the… Read More