Isis Reveals New POS Partnerships With Verifone, Ingenico And ViVOtech

Straight on the heels of showing off their new mobile payments system, the carriers leading the Isis joint venture have announced new partnerships with payment solutions providers. At Mobile World Congress Isis revealed partnerships with Chase, Capital One and Barclaycard, and it seems we’ll now be adding Verifone, Ingenico, VivoTech, and Equinox to the list.

This should help spread the mobile wallet revolution and help enable NFC payments at a point-of-sale level. Obviously these types of partnerships and implementations will be necessary to the whole scale adoption of mobile payments.

Here’s what Isis CTO Scott Mulloy had to say:

“Payment systems suppliers provide critical infrastructure for the development of mobile commerce. Today’s announcement is an important step in enabling NFC technology adoption throughout the mobile commerce industry. It also validates the open platform approach being offered by Isis across multiple business sectors.

Verifone is known for POS software, services, plus hardware, while Ingenico is focused on secure electronic transactions at point-of-sale. Meanwhile, VivoTech is an NFC-centric company and Equinox primarily handles transaction processing, so the partnerships make sense in terms of what’s needed for Isis to take off. It’s this trio that will work with merchants and vendors to set them up with the hardware needed to offer contactless payments.

Right now three of our top four carriers have signed on with Isis, including AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. Sprint, on the other hand, is on the Google Wallet team.