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Dear Sophie: Is there a domestic pilot program for H-1B and L visa stamping?

How long will it take to get an interview for an H-1B visa stamp? Am I eligible for a visa interview waiver? How do I get one? Can I do it from the U.S. this year?

How to protect your IP during fundraising so you don’t get ripped off

Venture firms are often involved in multiple deals, so the need to protect one’s IP during early fundraising is far from theoretical.

Dear Sophie: When can I register my employee for the H-1B lottery?

We're a pre-seed startup thinking about sponsoring an early employee's H-1B visa to stay in the U.S. How does the process work?

In times of crisis, fintech startups should take the long view instead of hibernating

If you look past the current downturn, it's likely your startup will have higher chances of survival if you hold on to specialized talent.

Dear Sophie: How can I stay in the US if I’ve been laid off?

I was laid off and I’m on an H-1B. What should I do?

Dear Sophie: How can students work or launch a startup while maintaining their immigration status?

What options do I have to work before and after graduation on my student visa? Can I launch my own startup?

Prepare to amortize: Inflation may spell doom for R&D tax expensing

Research and development (R&D) tax breaks have existed for 70 years, but the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in 2017 changed how they can be expensed.

Why your startup needs a prenup

Nobody wants to think about a prenup while planning a wedding, but it is the best time to address complications that may follow the honeymoon.

Dear Sophie: Any tips for negotiating visa and green card sponsorship?

I’ll receive my bachelor’s degree in computer science in December and will apply for OPT. Do you have any tips for negotiating visa and green card sponsorship?

Dear Sophie: Is it OK to use a visitor visa while holding an H-1B?

I’m in Toronto, Canada, and I was approved for an H-1B. Can I visit the U.S. on a previous B-1/B-2 visa this November?

Dear Sophie: My EB-2 priority date will be delayed 2 years! What should I do?

Today we bring you answers to three questions about green cards in the EB-1A category for extraordinary ability and multinational managers, EB-2 NIW and with PERM, as well as EB-3 for professionals!

Dear Sophie: What are the quickest visa options for bringing in international talent?

Most of our team works remotely, but some of our potential recruits would want to work in the office. What are the quickest visa options we should consider?

Verified Expert Lawyer: Jared Verzello

TechCrunch is profiling great startup lawyers wherever they may be working — and that includes within new companies built from the ground up around tech. Today, we’re interviewing Jared Verzello o