VC Office Hours

VC Office Hours: Why the sex tech industry could benefit from today’s politics

Vice clauses often exclude the sex tech industry from most VCs' investment areas, but the fervor around reproductive rights could drive the conversation forward for this industry.

VC Office Hours: How this venture thesis aims to improve tech for women

Emmeline Ventures invests in women founders building businesses that help other women manage their health, wealth and environment.

VC Office Hours: Fabrice do Rego on building one of the few Black-led funds in the EU

'People talk about the financing gap, but most of the time, the most important gap is the information gap. You need to inform people.'

VC Office Hours: 5 questions for National Grid Partners’ Lisa Lambert

Environmental and social concerns should be top of mind right now for any smart investor, says National Grid Partners founder Lisa Lambert.

VC Office Hours: 5 questions with investor Lauren Maillian

Maillian talks about power in the industry, the changing landscape for Black women and Latinas, and what her next act will be.

VC Office Hours: Exploring 5 ideas with the founders of LGBT+ VC

Silicon Valley’s full of people from all walks of life, but very little of its wealth is distributed evenly, especially so when it concerns the LGBTQ+ community.