Will startup valuations start to recover in 2024? Investors aren’t so sure

Most VCs think valuations are close to the bottom, if not already there, but few think there will be any relief in 2024.

Crypto valuations ‘came back to earth’ in 2023, but VCs expect them to rise again in 2024

A recent spike of interest in crypto is rebuilding momentum, and many think that next year could be promising for crypto startups’ valuations.

Metrics that matter: 3 practical observations on valuation

Paris Heymann Contributor Share on X Paris Heymann is a partner at Index Ventures, where he invests primarily in B2B SaaS and data. More posts by this contributor Metrics that matter: 3 practical obse

There are signs that it will be a hot secondaries summer

Buyers and sellers are coming to a consensus on startup valuations which is the first step to jump starting the late-stage market.

Losing the horn: VCs think majority of unicorns aren’t worth $1 billion anymore

The majority of unicorns are valued at less than $2 billion, which makes it likely that most won't keep that status after their next raise.

Stripe’s internal valuation gets cut to $63 billion

Stripe, a richly valued payments startup, has cut its internal valuation yet again, according to sources familiar with the manner. It is now valued, internally, at $63 billion. The cut, first reported

Investors say web3 and hype are in for 2023, high valuations are out — maybe?

It's unlikely that many investors came close to predicting what would play out in 2022. But, hey, there's always next year.

Deal terms, fatality rates and the drawbacks of credit lines; a view from today’s most active VC firm

Yesterday, we had the chance to catch up with Fabrice Grinda, a French, New York-based serial entrepreneur who co-founded the free classifieds site OLX — now owned by Prosus — and who has

OK, now. Now we’re going to see more startups acquire other startups

Now that we are starting to see startups come to terms with lower valuations, we will start to see transactions pick up.

Startup valuations are declining — but not consistently

Some startups saw their valuations decline in 2021's bull market, some were in line with the public market, and some haven't declined at all.

A wave of late-stage startups quietly marked down their valuations in Q3

More than 150 startups received a lower 409A valuation in Q3, which prompted them to re-price their employee stock grants.

Investors have flipped their weighting of growth versus profitability

Battery's new report, The Cloud Quarterly, provides insights on what type of public SaaS companies have seen their valuation take a hit or resist in recent months and what they have in common.

Investors are turning their focus away from private shares to public stocks, says crossover investor

A lot of public market investors began elbowing their way into the world of venture-backed startups roughly a decade ago, and the ripple effects have been obvious. Think faster funding rounds across t

Understanding how investors value growth in 2021

We’re not digging into another IPO filing today. You can read all about AppLovin’s filing here, or ThredUp’s document here. This morning, instead, we’re talking about an old fa

The highest valued company in Bessemer’s annual cloud report has defied convention by staying private

This year’s Bessemer Venture Partners’ annual Cloud 100 Benchmark report was published recently and my colleague Alex Wilhelm looked at some broad trends in the report, but digging into th

How to value a startup in a downturn

The value of technology companies has fallen as the broader public markets have repriced themselves in light of COVID-19-related market and economic disruptions. And as the public markets sort out the

Is blitzscaling killing early employee equity opportunities?

Silicon Valley has many dreams. One dream — the Hollywood version anyway — is for a down-and-out founder to begin tinkering and coding in their proverbial garage, eventually building a product tha

Cryptocurrencies have already recovered from last weekend’s crash

When cryptocurrency markets crashed 20% a few days ago, I wrote “the next day or so will tell us if this was a temporary bump in the road or the start of the next major correction.” Well h

The bull case for Snapchat

Before I make a product-driven case for Snap Inc. achieving a $100B market cap by 2020, I should note that I’ve been a Snapchat bear for much of the company’s existence. That guy at the water cool

A conversation about tech M&A trends and Trump

Some very big brands outside the tech space have been stepping in to acquire technology companies as the pressure to keep up with consumer-powered digital trends touches more industries. Add in a dere
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