Mobile Search Trends Show Economic Decline And Rise In Pizza

V-Enable, a voice-enabled mobile 411 system, conducted a study by taking a random sampling of 20,000 searches in major metropolitan areas from customers of several V-Enable partner carriers including

V-Enable Adds Real Humans For New 411 Pitch

San Diego based V-Enable, a free 411 service provider we first wrote about in December is celebrating April 11 (4/11) with a new product that adds real humans to the mix. FreeMobile411 (available at b

American Shoppers Can't Find Walmart, But V-Enable Helps Them

Mobile 411 provider V-Enable has released a list of the top retail searches undertaken by users in 2007 using their 411 service and the results are a little interesting. The list: 1.Wal-Mart 2.Target