• Mobile Search Trends Show Economic Decline And Rise In Pizza

    V-Enable, a voice-enabled mobile 411 system, conducted a study by taking a random sampling of 20,000 searches in major metropolitan areas from customers of several V-Enable partner carriers including Alltel and MetroPCS. The findings clearly represent interesting trends caused by the recession. For one thing, people are eating more pizza! The results for the top restaurant searches for… Read More

  • V-Enable Adds Real Humans For New 411 Pitch

    San Diego based V-Enable, a free 411 service provider we first wrote about in December is celebrating April 11 (4/11) with a new product that adds real humans to the mix. FreeMobile411 (available at both freemobile411.com and fm411.mobi) expands on V-Enables previous handset only offering by providing any mobile free 411 service complete with the regular features, such as residential and… Read More

  • American Shoppers Can't Find Walmart, But V-Enable Helps Them

    Mobile 411 provider V-Enable has released a list of the top retail searches undertaken by users in 2007 using their 411 service and the results are a little interesting. The list: 1.Wal-Mart
    3.Game Stop
    4.Best Buy
    9. Toys R Us
    10. Blockbuster Video
    11. CVS
    12. Circuit City
    13. Home Depot
    14. Radio Shack
    15. Sears Yes, apparently thousands of… Read More