American Shoppers Can't Find Walmart, But V-Enable Helps Them

venable1.jpgMobile 411 provider V-Enable has released a list of the top retail searches undertaken by users in 2007 using their 411 service and the results are a little interesting. The list:

3.Game Stop
4.Best Buy
9. Toys R Us
10. Blockbuster Video
11. CVS
12. Circuit City
13. Home Depot
14. Radio Shack
15. Sears

Yes, apparently thousands of gigantic warehouses throughout America can’t be found.

San Diego based V-Enable offers an automated 411 product by the name of Mobile411 that comes pre-installed on mobile handsets and uses voice input and recognition through the software. The idea is that voice is a more accurate way to capture a 411 lookup on a mobile phone than text is. The results of a search are returned on the mobile phone itself, think Yellowpages online but with voice input. Notably this is a carrier based solution that competes with a raft of free ad supported players such as Google (Goog-411).

V-Enable was established in 2001 and has taken $10.1 million over three rounds. Investors include Siemens Mobile Acceleration Corporation, Sorrento Ventures, SoftBank Capital and Palisades Ventures.