V-Enable Adds Real Humans For New 411 Pitch

San Diego based V-Enable, a free 411 service provider we first wrote about in December is celebrating April 11 (4/11) with a new product that adds real humans to the mix.

FreeMobile411 (available at both freemobile411.com and fm411.mobi) expands on V-Enables previous handset only offering by providing any mobile free 411 service complete with the regular features, such as residential and business search.

Where the product differs from others, such as 1-800-Free-411 and Google’s Goog411 is the option of operator assistance, allowing consumers to speak with a live operator when they need one. V-Enable claims they are the first free 411 service to offer operator assistance.

Using real people to assist with free 411 calls seems like a step back into the past, but it’s a point of differentiation that may appeal to some people, like baby boomers.