Pointing the way to the power grid of the future, Drift launches a low cost utility in New York

Turning the users that were renting the power system into owners of the power system.

Workflow Lets You Put Shortcuts To Frequent Actions Right In iOS’ Notification Center

Workflow, the clever if somewhat geeky app aimed at iOS power users that helps you automate frequent tasks you perform on your iPhone or tablet, like ordering an Uber to your next event, making a GIF

Bookmark It: Bliss Control, A One-Stop Shop For Updating Your Social Network Profile Settings

I'm interrupting your tech news flow to tell you about a nifty little tool you'll probably want to bookmark for later. It's called <a href="http://blisscontrol.com/">Bliss Control</a>, and it comes fr

I want this cool plug multiplier in a non-metric variety

I do not have enough plugs in my house, so I have several unsightly power strips for me to trip on and break my face. It’s excellent. I want some sort of plug multiplier like this British deal.