Bookmark It: Bliss Control, A One-Stop Shop For Updating Your Social Network Profile Settings

I’m interrupting your tech news flow to tell you about a nifty little tool you’ll probably want to bookmark for later. It’s called Bliss Control, and it comes from the same folks that brought you the email notifications management utility called Notification Control (and seriously – check that one out, too, if you get too many social media updates in via email. Inbox savior!). 

Expanding on the simple use case of its predecessor, Bliss Control also provides a one-stop-shop for managing various aspects of your online accounts. Except this time, instead of providing a link list that connects you with the right page on websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare and more where you can disable email notifications, this new service provides a single directory of links to manage all your other social media settings.

The utility has an interface that seems very much inspired by IFTTT, with a straightforward layout, big buttons and black-and-white text.

With just a couple of  clicks, you can choose one of many settings from across the social web, including things like “change profile picture,” “change password,” “change email,” “change 3rd party permissions,” and more. You then click on the icon to pick the service where you want to make the change.

At launch, Bliss Control supports: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Path, Flickr, Meetup, StumbleUpon, Foursquare, Google+ and Instagram.

To be clear, the service doesn’t require your login information to work, it only points you to the right settings page on the appropriate website.

Like Notification Control, Bliss Control isn’t providing anything you couldn’t do from any of these web services themselves. The beauty here is that it organizes all the links on one page, allowing you to quickly perform the updates without having to search around for the right settings area from site to site. That’s especially useful because when you go to make a change – like a new profile photo or email address – you often want to make that change everywhere across the web. This speeds up the process by providing a centralized place for your efforts. Nothing to it.

A centralized settings resource may seem like a meh utility to some of you, but it’s one that generated a lot of interest when it originally launched. I mean people were shouting, thank god for this thing! But maybe some of us just have too many web accounts, huh? I guess I’m also a sucker for a handy little, bookmarkable utility like this, I have to admit. (And so’s your mom, so please let her know.)

The service was created by Ben Lang, who just left San Francisco to serve in the Israeli army in two weeks, and Alex Wolkov. Ben, who previously teamed up with Tim Kendall on the earlier email service, also gives a special thanks shoutout to Tim on the new website, too.