• Urbanspoon Debuts Rezbook “Right Now,” Lets Diners See Real-Time Availability For Reservations & Waitlists

    Urbanspoon Debuts Rezbook “Right Now,” Lets Diners See Real-Time Availability For Reservations & Waitlists

    Urbanspoon is continuing to heat up the competition between it and competitor OpenTable with the launch of a new feature for Rezbook, its iPad-based reservation and tablet management system for restaurant owners. Today, the company is introducing Rezbook “Right Now” which lets diners view immediate table availability at the restaurants found in Urbanspoon. The feature supports… Read More

  • Urbanspoon: Traffic Up 80% In 2011, Mobile Growth Faster Than Web

    Urbanspoon: Traffic Up 80% In 2011, Mobile Growth Faster Than Web

    Popular restaurant app Urbanspoon is releasing new data today related to its growth over the course of 2011. The company says its traffic is up by 80%, with mobile growth outpacing the web. The site is now seeing 28 million visits per month, with traffic now split roughly half and half between mobile and web. On the mobile side, Urbanspoon has seen 112% year-over-year growth, while on the… Read More

  • Citysearch Recasts Itself As CityGrid Media

    Ever since the launch of his CityGrid local advertising network at the beginning of the year, Citysearch CEO Jay Herratti has been putting most of his efforts into building out CityGrid as the largest network of local advertisers and local apps. Citysearch is now simply a flagship publisher on the CityGrid network. To reflect this shift in focus, the Citysearch business unit of IAC (which… Read More

  • Urbanspoon Wants To Challenge OpenTable With Its RezBook IPad App

    Urbanspoon plans to continue its assault on OpenTable, and its weapon of choice is going to be the iPad. I am not talking about Urbanspoon’s slick iPad app which is already out and is aimed at consumers. I am talking about the RezBook, which is part of Urbanspoon Rez and is aimed at restaurant owners. When it comes out in June, RezBook will be a full reservation system. Instead of… Read More

  • The Taste Of The iPad. UrbanSpoon Makes Its HD Debut

    Before there was even an App Store, I knew there was something to UrbanSpoon. Several million downloads and a sale to IAC later, I can safely say I was right. Now the team behind it is trying to capture the magic all over again with its new free iPad app. On the face of it, UrbanSpoon for the iPad may not seem as useful as it is for the iPhone. After all, most people don’t just whip… Read More

  • Urbanspoon: Half A Billion Shakes And Counting

    There’s no denying it. People love to shake their iPhones. It’s almost as if they want to see how much they can shake it before it breaks. But shaking it is half the fun, especially when apps take advantage of the built-in accelerometer to turn shaking into a feature. One of the earliest apps to make shaking a central element of its interface was Urbanspoon, the restaurant… Read More

  • Urbanspoon Expands To The Urban Workforce With A BlackBerry App

    In major metropolitan areas, the BlackBerry at lunchtime is a force to be reckoned with. And now it can be a device to help those urbanities actually find a place to eat with the launch of Urbanspoon for BlackBerry. Urbanspoon has been one of the most popular apps for the iPhone since it launched alongside the App Store in the summer of 2008. By blending location data with a fun… Read More

  • The Naked Truth 2009 Slides: Show Me The Money

    Taking place tonight in Seattle is The Naked Truth 2009, a Redfin-hosted conference to give entrepreneurs advice. Michael is there participating as an expert to discuss industry trends. This year’s topic is revenue models for consumer Internet startups. The four presenting startups, Redfin, UrbanSpoon, Picnik and Animoto have some interesting information to share via their slides… Read More

  • IAC Buys UrbanSpoon Based On Good Recommendations

    UrbanSpoon, a restaurant recommendation service, started out with a simple plan. It was three former Jobster employees, Ethan Lowry, Adam Doppelt and Patrick O’Donnel who set out to see if they could build a company in today’s world without needing any traditional outside investments. Today, they can safely say they succeeded — big time. IAC, the Internet giant, has just… Read More

  • iPhone Application Overview And Demo Videos

    It’s not official quite yet, but the iPhone App Store is live and you can download version 2.0 of the iPhone software – which is all you need to run the 552 applications currently available. We’ve been gathering videos and overviews of many of the applications and have held them until now. We received demo vidoes for dozens of applications, ranging from basic games to… Read More

  • Urbanspoon: Restaurant Reviews Coming To A City Near You

    Urbanspoon is a small Seattle startup that wants to help you find the perfect restaurant. Their goal: compete head on with Yelp and other user review sites, specifically around restaurants. But they are approaching the market in a different way than Yelp and others. Instead of talking users into coming to their site and writing reviews, they’re taking a decentralized approach and… Read More