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  • BMW taps Unreal Engine for a mixed reality vehicle development process

    BMW taps Unreal Engine for a mixed reality vehicle development process

    BMW is combining the best of real and virtual worlds to make the process of creating new car designs as quick and painless as possible. The carmaker has tapped Unreal Engine’s rendering capabilities to generate virtual surfaces and objects overtop 3D-printed prototype vehicle pieces, letting designers and engineers preview how various materials or surfaces will look on a final… Read More

  • Unity raises $181M monster round at a reported $1.5B valuation

    Unity raises $181M monster round at a reported $1.5B valuation

    Over the last few years, Unity Technologies has grown to become indispensable to the gaming industry and much of the entertainment industry as an engine for building experiences in one place and distributing them across a swath of platforms. Now, with the rise of augmented and virtual reality, we are rapidly approaching the likelihood that the future will be built on Unity. To do that, the… Read More

  • Native OSVR support comes to Unreal game engine

    Native OSVR support comes to Unreal game engine

    For gamers worried about exclusive Oculus titles and the diverging future of content support on virtual reality, OSVR is making a bid to take over the platform and ensure that content is available across all hardware. The ecosystem received a major vote of confidence today from one of the largest gaming engines used by developers. Sensics, which helped lead the creation of OSVR alongside… Read More

  • Pinball In Virtual Reality? Yes Please

    Pinball In Virtual Reality? Yes Please

    OK, it doesn’t exist just yet, but one group called “Pinball Labs” has a new Kickstarter to bring back the feels you felt when you entered an arcade with tons of pinball games. There’s nothing like the sounds and visuals of old pinball machines (I love Addams Family) and it could become a…reality once again in VR. The Kickstarter recently went live and this video… Read More

  • Epic Partners With Mozilla To Port Unreal Engine 4 To The Web

    Epic Partners With Mozilla To Port Unreal Engine 4 To The Web

    At last year’s Game Developers Conference, Mozilla showed a port of Unreal Engine 3, the foundation for many AAA games, running in the browser. That was a bit of a wake-up call for many developers, given that this kind of plug-in-free gaming experience in the browser seemed impossible just a few years before. Read More

  • Video: Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3 Contines To Impress

    Clearly Epic Games knows there’s a number of people out there who are angry at the fact that icky consoles are have held back the development of high-end graphics technology. (See: Crysis 2. Looks fine if all you’re dealing with is the five-year-old Xbox 360, but doesn’t really seem to take advantage of the raw power that’s available on the PC side of thing.) Here we have… Read More

  • Epic Games Lowers Price Of Unreal Development Kit For Indie Devs

    Really good news for the small game developers out there. Epic Games has changed the licensing scheme for its free Unreal Development Kit, the end result of which is independent game developers paying less than they previously had to. The way it works now is that developers will have to pay 25 percent of the game’s net revenue once it hits $50,000 in sales. The old threshold was $5,000. Read More

  • Video: This Is How Good The Unreal Engine Can Be

    So many video games have used the Unreal Engine over the years, including, of course, Unreal, as well as Epic Games’ other big series, Gears of War. Then there’s the BioShock games, Mass Effect. Even Namco’s new Enslaved: Odyssey to the West uses it. So, presenting a new trailer showing off just what Unreal Engine 3 can do. Read More

  • Bravo to Epic Games for porting Unreal Engine 3 to the iPhone

    Don’t get mad at me—I wanted to go to GDC, but The Man said no. So now we’re relying on CNET to bring us word of Epic Games’ efforts to bring the Unreal Engine to the iPhone. You may not have even played Unreal for several years, but plenty of big games are based on the engine. Mass Effect and BioShock are based on versions of the engine, as is EA’s upcoming Medal… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Two new Gears of War 2 videos

    Unfortunately the two videos that are available on Xbox Live Marketplace don’t show gameplay, but they do showcase what the Unreal engine is capable of doing and what we can expect from GoW2. If you’re at work and can’t get onto Xbox Live then just watch the above video as it’s basically the same thing. Read More