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Amplitude’s CEO feels his company would be ‘in a world of hurt’ if it hadn’t gone public in 2021

'There would be all this pressure to go public, but then there wouldn't be an appetite for it. And so [it would] be harder to get out.'

Unicorns are rare, but what about real?

 Hello, and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. This week Mary Ann, Natasha and Alex enjoyed the warming

When the dam breaks, IPOs are going to be wild

No one expects every startup worth $1 billion to be ready to go public, but the collection of billion-dollar startups that are ready to list is larger than you might think.

Instacart shakes up its leadership structure as the market awaits its IPO

Instacart announced a slew of promotions inside of its senior leadership, and given that the company filed for an IPO -- albeit privately -- we're paying extra attention.

Forge’s public debut today will pose fresh test to SPAC-led exits

The Forge deal could spur some more IPOs, sure. But it could also wind up using its public-market money to better its private-market exchange, making it possible for unicorns to stay private longer.

HashiCorp’s IPO filing reveals a growing business, but at a slower pace

To understand HashiCorp's performance, we'll need to spend a minute talking about how it approaches the market. If you are a fan of open source software (OSS), it should be an interesting read.

Zeta Global’s IPO filing uncovers modest growth, strong adjusted profitability

With a rising adjusted EBITDA result and improving adjusted EBITDA margins, Zeta has a profit story to tell investors along with possibly accelerating revenue growth.