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Wait, wasn’t layoff season meant to be over?

Now that 2023 is in our rearview mirror, the startup winter is behind us, but we’re not quite out of the woods yet.

A new supersonic jet, Notion launches a calendar app, and CES chases off sex tech

Welcome, folks, to TechCrunch Week in Review (WiR), a digest of the past few days in tech happenings. As I write this, snow’s gracing New York City — an increasingly rare treat thanks to our c

Back in the Unicorn Club with Cowboy Ventures’ Aileen Lee

Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts. Hello, and welcome back to Equity, the podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. This is our

As unicorns grow rarer, maybe it’s time to look toward revenue, not valuations

We should forget the whole unicorn debate and instead ask: How many startups can reach the $100 million revenue mark for a given period?

$10B is the new $1B, and we need a new framework for startup valuations

We need a new framework for us to use to sort private-market companies.

The Crunchbase Unicorn Leaderboard is back, now with a record herd of 452 unicorns

We are very pleased to announce that the new and improved Crunchbase Unicorn Leaderboard re-launched today after nearly a year’s absence from TechCrunch. Venture investors did a lot of handwringing

2019 looks to continue another lights-out year for fintech startups

We predicted fintechs would prove to be the more relevant disruptors in 2018. Looking ahead to 2019, we predict that fintechs will continue to steal the show.

In venture capital, it’s still the age of the unicorn

Howie Xu Contributor Share on X Howie Xu is the vice president of artificial intelligence and machine learning at Zscaler. He previously co-founded TrustPath and served as an entrepreneur in residence

Crunch Report | Symphony Messaging App Joins the Unicorn Club

It's Day 2 from Disrupt New York, Symphony joins the Unicorn Club, you can now sort Instagram stories by location and scientists 3D-printed ovaries and made mouse babies. All this on Crunch Report.