LoveThis launches – because your friends know best

<img alt="" src="" title="LoveThis" class="shot" width="121" height="89" />Who do you trust most when it comes to reco

Rash Of Malware Proves You Cannot Even Trust Supposedly Trustworthy Sites

<img src="" />More bad news in the endless struggle against malware. Tens of thousands of people in the UK were victimized by malw

Digital Economy Act Critics Propose Plan B, Would Put Onus Back On Copyright Holders To Prove Guilt

<img src="" />The UK is much further along with having adult discussions about Internet piracy. The result of those discussions may be con

O2 Plans Free, Nation-wide Wi-Fi Network In The UK: Jealous?

<img src="" />Kudos to O2, the Telefónica-owned mobile operator, for planning a country-wide <i>free</i> Wi-Fi network. That country just

UK Anti-Piracy Firm Buckles Under Scrutiny, Wants To Drop Infringement Cases

<img src="" />Wow. Remember <a HREF="

GigsWiz launches its direct-to-fan ticketing service

<img alt="" src="" title="GigsWiz" class="shot" width="127" height="86" /><a href="">GigsWiz</a>

Zoopla gets more local muscle, partners with regional publisher Archant

<img class="shot" title="Zoopla" src="" alt="" width="250" height="50" />In a move that gives real estate startup <a hr

TransferWise wants to be the Skype of currency exchange

<img class="shot" title="logo_uus" src="" alt="" width="239" height="61" /><a href="">TransferWise</a> launches

UK Video Game Piracy Caused £1.45B In Losses & 1,000 Jobs Last Year

<img src="" />Video game piracy cost some £1.45 billion ($2.31 billion) in lost sales last year, as well as around 1,000 lost jobs. S

Shopperhive launches out of TwitJobSearch's 'in-house incubator' – another price comparison site

<img class="shot" title="" src="" alt="" width="195" height="195" /><a href="http://www.shopperhive.c

Segways Pretty Much Banned In UK

<img src="" />Are <a href="">Segways</a> dangerous? Personally, it all depends on the dri

Natter launches as another attempt to create a "safe" Chatroulette

<img class="shot" title="natter" src="" alt="" width="161" height="57" />It's hardly an original idea: <a href="">Natte

Stephen Fry to pimp Pushnote to his 2m+ followers – will it work?

<img src="" alt="Pushnote" title="front_main" width="300" height="254" class="shot" />In what we're sure will amount to a social

RateSetter, the UK P2P lending site, raises further £600k

<img alt="" src="" title="RateSetter" class="shot" width="194" height="136" /><a href="">RateSetter</a>, the UK pee

Localstars, the online video ad startup, hires ex-Trinity Mirror exec as MD

<img alt="" src="" title="Localstars" class="shot" width="150" height="45" /><a href="">Loca

Spotify who? We7 to launch first in Ireland next week

<img class="shot" title="We7" src="" alt="" width="150" height="150" /><a href="">We7</a>, the UK mus

Need for speed – KashFlow takes its online accounting software to the desktop

<img alt="" src="" title="KashFlow" class="shot" width="219" height="79" />Although browser-based apps and moving every

SMEStorage receives capital investment to let businesses move their fileserver to the cloud

<img src="" alt="" title="logo" width="213" height="57" class="shot" /><a href="">SMEStorage</a>, which focuses on c

Shiply inks deal with eBay Motors UK to become transport partner

<img class="shot" title="logo" src="" alt="" width="220" height="60" /><a target="_blank" href="">Shiply</a>, the online

ContactZilla, contact management for the social web – we have invites

<img src="" alt="" title="ContactZilla" width="275" height="74" class="shot" /><a href="">ContactZilla</a> is
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