Got a spare $35k? Buy a real Tron light cycle

<img src="" /> Ok, this is a couple of days old, but it's too cool not to share. There's a company that makes custom motorcycles

TRON controllers will be available for purchase

<img src="" />Rejoice user! Devin <a href="

The quietest Tron toy video on the Internet

Our wee friend Peter Ha got to play with some new Tron gear including the slowest, quietest light bike you’ll ever have the chance to see. Here it is in all its poky glory.

Make them sell these TRON-themed controllers or I'll hold my breath until I die

Now, I don’t want to pretend I’m the biggest TRON fan ever. I know that guy, and I’m not jealous. But even if I’d never heard of TRON or TR2N, I’d be leaving dirty finger

Don't let Tron guy have all the fun – get this glowing Tron shirt

<img src="" />Do you sleep with a full-sized body pillow shaped like Jeff Bridges? Do you have disc wheels on your bike? Do you dream

A TRON trailer for 2010

Tron Legacy comes out right before Christmas this year, but it’s probably best if you see the first movie before the┬ásequel. This trailer should get you in the mood. It did it for me. Oh, and F

Disney turns its Monorail into huge Tron light cycles

<img src=""><a href=""><em>Tron Legacy</em></a> is nerds wet dream come true.

Did you know there was a Last Starfighter video game?

I don’t know how I missed this a few years ago but did you know there was a fully-featured Last Starfighter videogame made for a documentary on the film. With all this talk of Tron I wanted to c

Tron Legacy trailer hits the web in high quality

<img src="" /> We've shown you the new <a href="">Tron</a> trailer <a href="http://www.crunchge

A new Tron Legacy trailer for your edification

DWalk sent us in a tip about a new trailer for Tron . It’s been pretty hard to track down but I think we caught it in the wild. It’s nigh on unwatchable, but any artifact from a potentiall

Tron Legacy trailer: Mmmm, Tron-ny

Here you are, men: Tron Legacy. In trailer form.

Video: Cheech & Chong "Tron for it"

If you haven’t been watching Mean Mag’s Cinemash series then you’re doing it wrong. Cheech and Chong + Tron = Amazing. Kind of NSFW and don’t watch with the kids. Thanks for re

Disney reveals plot and title for new Tron movie

<img src="" /> A sequel for cult movie Tron was rumored to be in preparation for years now, and today <a href="

Looks like Daft Punk will compose the new Tron movie's soundtrack

<img src="" />So apparently there's going to be a <a HREF="">sequel to <i>Tro

Need more Pogue in your life? The Pogue-o-matic should fix that

If you’ve ever wanted to have a tiny David Pogue on your desktop, advising you on the implications of sensor size or carrier choice, now is your chance. Somewhat less cute than a desktop pet but

Tron Guy is a PC

I could have done without the ‘behind the scenes’ type photos of Jay Maynard and his junk, but his impression of everyone’s initial reaction to his costume makes up for it. What a ne

Tron actually happened

This is a fantastic story. You remember how in Tron, the players force a computer light cycle into a wall, then escape through the hole to get at the rest of the system? Well, this guy recreated that

Video: TRON 2 trailer in all its shot-from-the-hip glory

Words cannot describe the joy I’m feeling right now. via Film Stalker

Video: Tron's lightcycle game gets sweded, and it's sweet

I enjoyed Be Kind Rewind for the most part but thought the editing was a little messy, making for a sloppy ending. But by far the best part was the “sweded” films. I could watch a movie of

CrunchDeals: Vintage Tron action figures, on eBay at a steal!

[photopress:35a1_1.JPG,full,center] Greetings, programs! Tron 2.0 is on the way, this much is fact, and in doing research about a movie she’s never seen (Tron, the original) my friend Kira Yahtz
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