Treo 800w to get Bluetooth Voice Dialing soon

With the Treo 800w lacking a standard wired headset/headphone jack, users were a bit surprised (read: mad) to find that the voice commands they’d grown accustomed to on other (cheaper) Palm handsets weren’t functional over Bluetooth.

Fortunately, it seems that voice-enabled features were just a bit delayed, rather than completely omitted. From this page over at

PalmĀ® Treo 800w Voice Dialing Over Bluetooth will be available soon as a download from this web page. Please return to this page in the coming days for the download and details”

No word yet when the update should roll out – hopefully “in the coming days” actually means what it implies.

Edit: Apparently, it meant “We rolled it out yesterday, but haven’t updated this page yet.” 800w users can get the update here.

[Via SlashPhone]