10 Days of CrunchGear: The Final Challenge

We present to you CrunchGear’s 10 Days of CrunchGear final challenge. Instead of randomly choosing a commentor we are now going to make you work for your prizes. Why? Because the prizes KICK ass.

Update – I’ve added a chatroom so you can ask questions.

First, the line-up:

We present to you the Palm Treo Pro, Palm’s latest Windows Mobile 6.1 cellphone. You will receive your prize when the phones are officially available later this year but rest assured you will be the first on your block to get one.

Next we offer the 1080p 42-inch Teledock LCD from JVC. It’s a 42-inch TV with an iPod dock for all your multimedia needs.

Imagine an LCD that will playback video content from your iPod®. JVC’s new TeleDock TVs, will not only play and upconvert iPod® video content to 1080p — they’ll even charge your iPod® too . The TeleDock line-up of panels was engineered to excite the most extreme audio visual enthusiasts and influence the creative minds of discriminating home decorators.

Finally, we have the Lenovo Y510 Ideabook. This is a Core 2 Duo machine with enough power to fulfill all of your wildest fantasies.

Now… how do you win one of these excellent prizes?

Each prize has a code associated with it. The code is made up of four, capitalized English words of four letter each. Acronyms do not count (i.e. OLED, HDMI, COAX, etc.) and not a proper company name (i.e. DISH from DISH Networks) For example, say I told you the Palm Treo’s code began with the word ACME. A potential complete code could look like:


Note, this is not the actual code. The actual code will run in alphabetical order, as shown above, but with different words. Where do you find these words? In posts, in Twitter and on our Facebook Group.

Your mission: to figure out each code and email all three – or just one completed code – for the item or items you want to win. Email contest@crunchgear.com with the subject line “TREO,” “JVC,” or “LENOVO” with the complete code in each email. The codes begin with the following words:

Palm Treo Pro ACME-
JVC 42-inch LCD TV EVIL-
Lenovo Y510 ITCH-

We’ll KICK this contest off right now and end it tomorrow at noon Eastern Time. We will pick the winners at random from those with complete codes.

Good luck.

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