Treo 755p not being discontinued by Sprint

Brighthand has word that Sprint will not discontinue the Treo 755p. The Treo 755p continues to be a strong product offering in Sprint’s lineup of Palm products which also includes the Centro and

Sprint takes the Treo 755p out behind the wood shed

If our very own Matt “The Stapler” Hickey got you all hot and bothered about buying a Treo 755p thanks to his review yesterday, don’t bother. Not for Sprint, at least — it&#821

Review: Palm Treo 755p

The Treo Verizon is the latest CDMA carrier to land the Palm Treo 755p, a high-end smartphone for the business user who’s tired of Windows Mobile but still wants all the connectivity and email o

Palm shutting down many airport Palm stores in light of settlement on Treos

[photopress:i_killed_my_treo.jpg,full,center] In the last three weeks, I’ve been to seven airports. CES, Macworld, and other travels have sent me all over the place. One thing I always check out

Palm's Treo 800w starting to come together

[photopress:treo800wleak.jpg,full,left]Way back two weeks ago, during the Bill Gates keynote at CES, we noted a mysterious Treo-like device was in part of his presentation. There was no attention call

Smartphones Now: First-time buyer's guide, 2007

If you’re thinking we’ve been on smartphone overload this week, you’re right. We’ve been rounding up all of the best and worst in the smartphone world and giving you the goods

Smartphones Now: Palm OS Phones

Palm, as a company, should need no introduction. The chameleon of a technology company has changed hands more times than a Hilton’s phone number, and is used just as often, too. The company esse

Palm drops monster update for Treo 680; IM, PTT, other acronyms added

Regular readers will know that I’m a big supporter of the Palm Treo line of smartphones. They’re a good mix of form factor, usability, and price. They do all the things you need a smartpho

Help-Key: How to Pimp Out your Treo

One of the most popular smartphones on today’s market is the Treo by Palm (and formerly by Handspring). The original versions ran Palm OS, with Windows Mobile coming later. We cover WinMo quite a bi

Palm Releases Treo 750 Audio Alert Update

If you’ve been experiencing a loss of audio on your Treo 750, which has caused you to miss very important calls and message notifications then drop what you’re doing and pay attention. Not

iPhone vs. Treo: Bum-fight!

Palm’s Multi-touch Interface: Place Hand On Keyboard, Press PalmInfoCenter (new motto: “Hey, Guys, Over Here, Treos. Who Wants a Treo? Guys?”) ran a detailed review comparing the Tre

Help-Key: How To Rock a Dope Phone That's Not an iPhone

It may surprise some of you to read this, especially from me, but I must say it: Not everyone is going to need an iPhone. Sure, I’m stoked as anyone to get my hands on one, but I’m not sol

Palm Gandolf Specs Revealed

The leaked specs on the Palm Gandolf reveal that some rumors are actually true. The Gandolf will be available in two versions; one running WinMo 6, while the other will run a new touch-screenless Palm

Rumor: Touchscreens Gone for All But High-end Palms

, we receive another tid-bit from the Palm rumor bin. It seems that the company is phasing out touchscreens for all but their highest-end Treos. This means the Gandolf and a whole set of new Treos, la

Details Leaked On Palm Treo 800w

Palm Treo lovers are in for a treat with details emerging about the 800w. Sprint subscribers will be seeing the latest Treo this Q4 and it kicks the 700wx out of the water. So what makes the 800w so s

Helio Ocean Quick Look

I’m not feeling very well today but I wanted to slap together this video of the Ocean as compared to other smartphones I had around the house. Take a gander.

Goodness Gracious, Another Palm Treo 755p Review: CNET Calls it "Very Good"

The Palm Treo 755p “drops” this week and CNET already reviewed the damn thing (a nice complement to this video review), giving it the reviewer’s crutch of “very good,” wh

Treo 755p Officialized It’s official, Palm freaks, the Treo 755p has landed. A quick rundown on the specs are as follows: 320 x 320 display, 321MHz XScale processor, miniSD memory

Sprint Launching Treo 755p Next Monday

The boys over at Giz have got a hot tip for Sprint subscribers and Treo fanboys. Launching next Monday, May 14th, is the Treo 755p(finally) as well as the Motorola W835, Samsung M300, Sanyo SCP-3200,

The Futurist: What's Next In Cellphones, Apple and RIM Edition

Cell phones — everybody’s got them. Even your 12-year-old nephew whose parents keep tabs on him via the inboard GPS carries a RAZR. So what’s next in this omnipresent device? In this
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