Treo PRO now available from Sprint for $249


Update: Sprint did not intend for this page to go up yet – it has since been pulled.

Palm and Sprint might have a pickle on their hands. Now that the Palm Pre is the hottest upcoming phone of 2009, how are they going to sell the Treo PRO when the Pre is rumored to launch next month? Sprint thankfully has priced the PRO well with to a $200 price cut and a $100 MIR which brings the MSRP down to a respectable $249. Still, Windows Mobile on the PRO or the sexy, new webOS powering the Pre? Eh? At least the Treo PRO’s aggressive pricing shows that Sprint is willing to cut Palm’s outrageous pricing down to a reasonable level cause the iPhone is $199 and the Pre/PRO are hardly iPhone’s; okay, the Pre is hot, but you get the point.