trade secrets

Failures are valuable IP: Protect your startup’s negative trade secrets

Negative trade secrets are intended to protect a company’s secret know-how gained from extensive research and investment about what does not work.

Waymo to keep robotaxi safety details secret, court rules

Waymo, the autonomous driving arm of Alphabet, was granted a win on Tuesday when a California court ruled it could keep secret certain details regarding its AV technology. The company filed a lawsuit

Tesla takes aim at Rivian in lawsuit alleging trade secret theft, poaching talent

Tesla filed a lawsuit against electric vehicle automaker Rivian and four former employers, on allegations of poaching talent and stealing trade secrets. Bloomberg was the first to report the lawsuit f

Leaving for a competitor? Onboarding new employees? Avoid accusations of trade secret theft

When a company hires talent away from a competitor, onboarding the new employee can pose significant legal risks for both the company and the new employee. A fundamental aspect of Silicon Valley is...

The changing trade secret and patent equilibrium

It is no secret that trade secrets are essential to the success of many businesses. Nearly all of us are aware of examples of highly treasured trade secrets, such as the recipe for Coca-Cola, the form