How Apple reinvented the cursor for iPad

Even though Apple did not invent the mouse pointer, history has cemented its place in dragging it out of obscurity and into mainstream use. Its everyday utility, pioneered at SRI and Xerox Parc and la

New technique turns anything into a touch sensor

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have created a new way to turn almost any surface into a touchpad with just a little conductive spray paint. The system, called Electrick, uses a technique ca

Dish’s $30 remote control will listen when you talk

Soon we’ll all be mumbling to everything in our homes, calling up microwave popcorn and vacuum cleanings like befuddled Scotties in the Voyage Home. Until then Dish is giving us the option of ch

This Tiny Sensor Turns Your Thumbnail Into A Trackpad

Like the football phone or the Dick Tracy two-way wrist radio, humankind has always dreamt of melding two technologies together to create a synergistic improvement on our meager, exhausting existence.

Your Next Trackpad And Keyboard Will Be Wafer Thin

If you've been complaining about the thickness of your trackpad, Synaptics has something to show you. Their new Forcepad trackpad technology is wafer thin and uses a capacitive force sensor to registe

Woot! A $200 32GB HP TouchPad

Yeah, it's not $99 and it's refurbished but it's still a TouchPad. The tablet was once heralded as an iPad killer. Now, I'm not sure if it could even kill <a href="

The HP TouchPad Rides Back Into Town On Woot’s Back

Somewhere, someone out there is curled in a corner, sobbing because they missed out on the last HP TouchPad sale. Ebay messed up, he says. It wasn't his fault. He clicked the button but Ebay's servers

HP Sends $19 Refunds To Overcharged TouchPad Sale Partakers

If you were one of the lucky few that managed to snag a <a href="">TouchPad</a> during HP's (maybe) final <a href="

The $99 TouchPad Sale Overwhelms Ebay As Consumers Snatch Up The Discontinued Tablet

And like that they're gone. $99 TouchPads hit ebay right on schedule and were gone within minutes. But that's to be expected, really. It's not often that a solid piece of hardware like the TouchPad is

HP Is Reviving The $99 TouchPad Firesale! Refurb Models To Hit HP’s Ebay Store On 12/11

Get your clicking fingers ready! These boys are going to go fast. Starting Sunday, December 11th at 6:00 p.m. Central time, 16GB and 32GB Touchpads will be available <a href="

Surprise: HP Is Squeezing Every Possible Penny From The Canceled TouchPad

The <a href="">$99 TouchPad fire sale</a> was the best way to close the book on webOS and the TouchPad itse

TigerDirect Jumps On Bundle Bandwagon With $279 TouchPad Deal

It looks like Best Buy managed to let a few of those <a href="">32GB TouchPads</a> slip through their fingers,

Best Buy Has 32GB TouchPads For $149, But There’s A Catch

Here's one to file under "completely unexpected" -- remember HP's long-dead TouchPad? Well, apparently it's got some life it in yet, as Best Buy will be allowing their customers to purchase a 32GB mod

HP Confirms There Is No Way Touchpads Shipped With Android

The head of HP's open source initiative, Phil Robb, took umbrage when Touchpad lovers found Android running on some HP Touchpads and clamored for the source code. Robb, who is in charge of handling op

HP’s Internal $99 TouchPad Sale More Popular Than Expected, Crushes Web Server

People love the $99 TouchPad including HP employees. The TouchPad hit the HP's employee purchasing program <a href="">yesterday </a>and potential buy

The $99 TouchPad Returns To HP’s Employee Purchasing Program On Sept 28th

It's not very often I get to write that it's a good day to be an HP employee. But it's also not everyday that HP employees are offered some of the last TouchPads. The company is set to release a f

The Touchpad Is Back (Briefly) In The UK

Gor blimey, Danger Mouse! The <a HREF="">Touchpad</a> suddenly appeared at UK <a HREF="

Android TouchPad Project Finally Gets Working Touch Screens

Regardless of your thoughts on <a href="">what OS should be used on HP's TouchPad</a>, work on getting a fully-featured version of Android up and runn

Office Depot Now Fulfilling At Least Some 32GB TouchPad Backorders

TouchPads are in hot demand right now and it seems as if Office Depot just is ready to ship out another round. This comes from an email set to us that indicates at least some 32GB TouchPad orders were

Woot Offers TouchPad Buyers Star Wars Jokes And Partial Refund

Before the TouchPad dove head first into the bargain bin, HP tried a little pricing experiment. Early in August, they dropped the TouchPad's price by $50, and very shortly after, the discount was bump
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