TigerDirect Jumps On Bundle Bandwagon With $279 TouchPad Deal

It looks like Best Buy managed to let a few of those 32GB TouchPads slip through their fingers, as TigerDirect has concocted a $279 bundle around HP’s stillborn tablet.

Yep, people looking to score a TouchPad on the cheap may need to look elsewhere (good luck, by the way). There always seems to be a catch when it comes to TouchPad deals, and TigerDirect is more than happy to oblige.

For $279, you get not only a 32GB TouchPad, but a Belkin tablet case, a Belkin FlipBlade tablet stand, and a pair of Creative Lab D80 Bluetooth speakers. Oh, and who could forget the 16GB HP flash drive TigerDirect is throwing in just to sweeten the deal?

Whether or not all that extra swag is worth an extra $130 is entirely up to you, but the bundle seems much easier to stomach than Best Buy’s PC purchasing ploy. Personally, it doesn’t seem like such a bad deal — just write up a list of people you begrudgingly have to buy holiday gifts for, and divvy up the accessories accordingly. Or hell, jump on Craigslist after the fact and flip those goodies for a profit.

TigerDirect will open the floodgates on TouchPad bundles today at 2:30PM Eastern, so those of you yearning for one final taste of webOS had best be ready to go by then.