• Chairman Of Build Your Dreams, A Major Clean Tech Manufacturer, Wins "China's Peace Prize"

    The chairman of Build Your Dreams (BYD) one of the world’s largest clean tech and electric vehicle manufacturers, Chuanfu Wang, won China’s Canton Provincial Award for Individual Contribution the company announced today. The Canton Government awarded the CPAIC, a.k.a. “China’s Peace Prize,” to Wang for leading a business that has consistently developed and… Read More

  • China blocks access to iTunes because of pro-Tibet album

    The Great Firewall of China strikes again! Chinese authorities have blocked access to iTunes because several Olympic athletes downloaded a pro-Tibet album. As an ignorant American, how China handles its business re: Tibet isn’t any of my concern, but blocking iTunes while the Olympics are still ongoing seems unsophisticated to me. Why play into the perception that you’re a… Read More

  • Live from San Francisco, it's the Olympic Torch Protest

    We’ve got a man on the ground in San Francisco and we’re getting some nice pictures of protesters and miscellaneous people at the ceremony there. Looks like there are a lot of sightseers and people are generally having a good time — not the bloody melee you’d expect at a civil rights protest in the Bay Area (or at a Tibetan Monastery – ouch!). We’ll keep… Read More