Gaming firm Razer seeks to raise over $600M in Hong Kong IPO

Gaming firm Razer has filed to go public through an IPO in Hong Kong as it looks to raise more than $600 million to go after growth opportunities. The U.S.-based company, which traces its origins back

Razer’s acquisition of THX turned the new Blade Pro into a certified production machine

We first got the hint that Razer wanted to gain the favor of entertainment power users when it bought THX last year, which became a subsidiary company and part of the process of making a new entertain

Razer acquires audiovisual icon THX as it explores growth beyond the games industry

Razer, the company that develops hardware and services for gamers and the world of gaming, has made an acquisition to catapult it to more platforms and more people: The company has acquired THX, th

Sound & Vision goes ears-on the Lincoln MKT THX II sound system

<img src="">The days of automakers shoving the same OEM radio into all of their cars are long gone - at least for vehicles over $20k

A really geeky recreation of the THX Deep Note

You know that audio goes along with THX logo. It’s called the Deep Note apparently and this guy set out to recreate the entire thing in the program SuperCollider. I have no idea what’s goi

Test Drive: 2009 Lincoln MKS AWD

<img src="" alt="" />This ain’t your daddy’s Lincoln Town Car. In fact, it’s completely different than anything you’ve ever see

THX teams with Radiient for wireless surround sound

<img src="" alt="" />The fine folks at THX have taken note of the current home theater landscape and deemed it sub-par when i

Review: Xbox 360 VGA HD AV cable, Viewsonic VX2240w LCD monitor

I know, I know. The VGA HD AV cable has been out for three years, but I was in between TVs and only had a monitor to game on. I’ll keep this review short and sweet.

Onkyo announces THX-certified 7.1-channel speaker system

Today, the HT-S9100THX system was announced and it has its sights set on HD theater buffs across the country. The 7.1-channel system (130W/channel) includes THX’s Loudnes Plus technology and comes w

Integra now shipping DTR-7.9 and DTR-6.9 THX receivers

The latest receivers from Intergra are now available, and wow are they spiffy. Both the DTR-7.9 and the DTR-6.9 sport the heralded THX Loudness Plus certification with the former earning the Ultra2 P

JVC announce four new full HD projectors

RS10 Announced just now from JVC are four 1080p projectors (DLA-HD750 and DLA-HD350) and two of them happen to be THX certified (DLA-RS10 and DLA-RS20) with 30,000:1 native contrast ratio. Said THX ce

For the hardcore: TiVo HD XL with 1TB hard drive

Speaking of TiVo and DVRs, it looks like the company has begun shipping its HD XL DVR. The $600 device has a 1TB hard drive; off-the-shelf 1TB hard drives can be had for as little as $150 by my count.

World's first THX certified door announced today

This is first residential home theater dubbed Ambleside and it’s located in Hillsborough, CA. This is the type of setup that’s perfect for Serious Materials door. Ambleside is also rigged

Blu-ray is not dead, says THX

The headline on my previous post regarding an interview with THX chief scientist Laurie Fincham was misleading. Fincham doesn’t actually state that Blu-ray is dead, rather, just that optical med

THX says Blu-ray is dead. Does that mean no Star Wars in HD?

Guess what? One of THX’s chief scientists says Blu-ray is toast. Laurie Fincham was recently interviewed by Home Cinema Choice Magazine and when asked about HD DVD’s recent death he commented with

Review: Razer/THX Mako 2.1

If there’s one single gadget out there that I’ve been longing to review this year it’s the 2.1 speaker system from Razer. We caught a glimpse of them at last year’s CES and the

True 5.1 surround sound coming to the Big Game

That is if you have a Neural–THX AV receiver. In any case, this will be the first time the Super Bowl will be available with true 5.1 surround sound, which is pretty darn hot. If you don’t

Razer/THX Mako Advanced 2.1 desktop speaker unboxing

We’ve covered the Mako speakers on more than one occasion, but now we finally have a set in the office to test out. I think the majority of the team saw, rather, heard these at CES and everyone

THX Media Director makes AV simple

Even your parents can make it all work. Well, that’s if your mom and dad have an AV system going and you’re not around to set it up for them. What THX’s Media Director aka Blackbird

THX has some weird new UFO-shaped speakers

Specs here. They sounded pretty good from what I could tell in the noisy hall, but they look freaky.
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