THX Media Director makes AV simple


Even your parents can make it all work. Well, that’s if your mom and dad have an AV system going and you’re not around to set it up for them. What THX’s Media Director aka Blackbird does is basically turn all your content (games, movies, or music) into ‘smart content’ that sends out its AV settings, which is then dynamically configured for the best playback experience. We’ve all encountered situations where the aspect ratio is not correct and the audio isn’t suitable for the content that you’re viewing, right? Well, Blackbird takes care of it all for you.

THX’s initial partners are Anchor Bay, Lyngdorf Audio, Portrait Displays and Sequoyan Media Technology.

Anchor Bay – Anchor Bay designs and manufactures advanced digital semiconductor and system-level solutions for next-generation digital television and high-definition digital video products. Anchor Bay’s DVDO iScan™ VP50PRO video processor will be one of the first HD video products to support THX Media Director.

Lyngdorf Audio – Lyngdorf Audio manufactures and designs high-end amplifiers, loudspeakers, digital preamplifiers, room processors and AD converters. The Lyngdorf D-1 Home Theater Processor will be the first audio product to feature THX Media Director.

Portrait Displays – Portrait Displays develops software for leading display companies. Portrait Displays’ TV Tune technology will aid in decoding THX Media Director metadata, triggering HDTVs to automatically adjust brightness, sharpness, aspect ratio and other video settings.

Sequoyan Media Technology (SMT) – SMT develops professional-grade software and hardware solutions that enhance the quality control procedures for leading DVD authoring facilities around the world. THX has partnered with SMT to develop an external authoring tool to provide the post-production community with a means to insert and verify THX Media Director metadata during the authoring of DVD, HD-DVD and Blu-ray discs.