THX teams with Radiient for wireless surround sound

THX Roomcaster Logo  54431E
The fine folks at THX have taken note of the current home theater landscape and deemed it sub-par when it comes to surround sound. That may or may not be true, but I’d like to think someone at THX thought that at some point. Developed in conjunction with Radiient, the THX Roomcaster system taps ultra-wideband wireless technology to unshackle your surround system from its wired overlords. The technology can also be embedded into AV receivers, game consoles, headphones and anything that sends and receives content.

While transmitting in the 3-to-10 GHz range, THX Roomcaster beams uncompressed, 24-bit, low latency, eight channel (up to, at least) audio up to 30 feet away. So, if you’re looking for a wireless surround sound solution that delivers high quality audio then you’d be a fool not to ask for a THX Roomcaster system.