"Hydrokinetic Adjustable Wrench" is a real product (and awesome)

<img src="" alt="ba14_hydrokinetic_adjustable_wrench_render" />Capitalizing on the fact that water is

CrunchDeals: ThinkGeek Bluetooth Retro Handset

<img src="">You want this. Really, you do. Look at it. Isn't f'n sweet? Just think how rad you will look walki

Credit card sized video players or gigantic hand model?

These tiny video players are available at for $100 each. One’s got a 2.8-inch display and one has a 2.4-inch display. How do you like that? They’ve each got 2GB of memory and

World of Warcraft action figures sell out

I just came across these beauties on ThinkGeek and boy am I ticked off. Looks like ThinkGeek is completely sold out of the World of Warcraft action figure set. For $49.99, you get an Orc Shaman, a Blo