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Arc browser’s new AI-powered ‘pinch-to-summarize’ feature is clever, but often misses the mark

The Browser company’s Arc, a browser focused on a less cluttered web experience, launched a new feature in its mobile app Arc Search that uses AI to summarize web pages. The feature involves a c

Arc is building an AI agent that browses on your behalf

For years, Google (or any other search engine) has been the main gateway for people to discover websites and other content. The Browser Company, which makes the Arc Browser, is on a quest to change th

How a browser startup is taking on Google search

Today, we're talking about Arc's new mobile app vs. Google search; why Reddit's IPO might finally happen; why Meta :heart: Apple; and... what Garry said.

Arc’s new iPhone browser wants to be your search companion

The Browser Company launched the Arc’s first iPhone companion app last year, allowing users to save links for consumption on the desktop application later. The startup has now released a new mob

Arc browser launches its Windows client in beta

The Browser Company announced today that it is onboarding the first set of users for its Windows client — launching today as a beta version. Users and observers have been demanding a Windows version

Arc browser is now available to download for everyone

After staying in invite-only mode for more than a year, The Browser Company’s Arc browser is now available to everyone. The company is bumping up the browser version number to 1.0 with this announce

Arc browser’s new tool lets you remove some elements from a website

The Browser Company, the company behind the web browser Arc, introduced a fun new tool today called Boosts. It lets you customize a website with new colors and fonts. But the best feature of this tool

Meet the anti-antitrust startup club

More entrepreneurs and investors are willing to throw caution to the wind and go after core segments like search, email and video conferencing with gusto.

Give us your seed round and we will send back double

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. This week was full of news of all sorts, but as we recorded, both D

Chrome competitor, The Browser Company, quietly raises $5M

A handful of Silicon Valley’s notable figures are backing a software startup looking to challenge Google Chrome’s dominance. The startup, called The Browser Company, is led by Joshua Mille