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Tesla settles California hazardous waste lawsuit with a $1.5M fine

Well, that was fast. A settlement has been reached just two days after district attorneys from 25 California counties filed a lawsuit against Tesla over allegations the automaker repeatedly mishandled

Tesla requests pause in federal racial bias lawsuit as it wraps up other cases

Tesla wants to pause a federal agency’s lawsuit against the automaker for racial bias against its Black workers at its Fremont assembly plant. The electric vehicle maker, in a filing in San Fran

Florida judge finds Tesla, Elon Musk knew of defective Autopilot system

There is “reasonable evidence” to conclude that Tesla and its officers, including CEO Elon Musk, knew its vehicles had defective Autopilot systems but still allowed the cars to be driven i

California seeks to force Tesla to comply with racial bias investigation

California regulators are taking legal action against Tesla to force the company to comply with a state investigation into allegations of unlawful harassment of and discrimination against certain Blac

Black former Tesla worker payout for racial bias slashed from $15M to $3.2M

Owen Diaz, the Black former elevator operator at Tesla’s Fremont factory, has seen his payout in a racial bias lawsuit slashed from $15 million to $3.2 million. Monday’s verdict from a fed

Jury selection begins for Tesla racial discrimination lawsuit

Tesla is back in court this week to defend itself against allegations from a Black former worker who claimed the automaker’s Fremont factory is rife with racial discrimination and harassment. Te

Tesla accused of illegally firing employees critical of Musk

Tesla is being accused of firing two California-based employees for being part of a group that was discussing and drafting letters that were critical of CEO Elon Musk’s strict return-to-office polic

Tesla countersues civil rights agency behind racial bias suit

Tesla couldn’t get a judge to dismiss a case alleging racial bias at the automaker’s Fremont factory, so the automaker is now countersuing the agency responsible instead. The luxury electr

Tesla extends FSD access amid regulator scrutiny

Tesla is extending access to its advanced driver assistance system, Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta version, to 160,000 owners in the U.S. and Canada, according to a tweet Monday from Tesla CEO

Drivers sue Tesla for alleged false advertising of Autopilot and FSD software

Another day, another lawsuit against Tesla and its advanced driver assistance systems. A lawsuit was filed Wednesday in the California Northern District Court alleging that Tesla’s ADAS systems

Tesla’s bid to dismiss racial bias suit denied in tentative ruling

Tesla won’t be able to shake itself from California’s Department of Civil Rights lawsuit for racial bias and harassment just yet. A California judge Tuesday evening issued a tentative ruli

Tesla’s petition against CA civil rights agency suing for racial bias is denied

California’s Office of Administrative Law (OAL) denied Tesla’s petition against the state’s civil rights watchdog for failing to conduct proper investigations before suing the automa

Tesla will go back to court for racial discrimination lawsuit

Owen Diaz, a former elevator operator at Tesla’s Fremont factory who accused the company of racial discrimination, will once again face off against the automaker in court. After Diaz and his law

Former Tesla worker rejects $15M payout in racial abuse lawsuit

A Black former worker at Tesla’s Fremont, California assembly plant has rejected a $15 million payout from the automaker in a lawsuit alleging racial abuse by co-workers. A judge gave the worker

Tesla accuses civil rights agency of unlawfully suing for racial discrimination

Tesla has accused the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) of failing to conduct proper investigations before it sued Tesla for racial bias at its assembly plant, according to a

Judge says former Tesla worker has 2 weeks to accept $15M payout over racial abuse

A federal judge told Owen Diaz, a former elevator operator at Tesla, that he has 2 weeks to decide whether he wants to accept $15 million in damages over racial abuse at the automaker’s Fremont,

Tesla says it’s also being investigated by federal equal employment agency

A U.S. federal agency that enforces civil rights laws against workplace discrimination can now be added to the list of agencies that is investigating Tesla. In a court filing on Monday related to a se