Hustle scores $8M to kill telemarketing with personalized texts

No one picks up the phone and everyone gets too much email. If you want to contact people for fundraising, a political campaign or marketing, texting is the way to go. But a generic mass text is more

FCC Tells PayPal It May Be In Violation Of Federal Law Regarding Robocalls

The FCC has responded to concerns that PayPal’s updated user agreement, which gives┬áthe company the right to robocall and text customers,┬áby informing PayPal that it may be in violation of fed

PayPal Claims It Will Allow Customers To Opt-Out Of Robocalls And Texts Permitted In New Policy

PayPal this week caused an uproar when it rolled out an updated user agreement that added a clause that allowed the company to pester users with robocalls and text messages - not only to the number th

Revamped PrivacyStar App Uses Color Coding To Help You Avoid Telemarketers

<a target="_blank" href="">PrivacyStar</a> released a version of its Android app today aimed at making it easier for users to avoid calls from aggressive telemarketers and de

'YouMail' lets you assign multiple voicemail greetings

I’d like to declare that the Mac vs. PC shtick is old and tired. If you’re releasing a new product, please refrain from spoofing those ads. That is all. YouMail lets you assign customized