'YouMail' lets you assign multiple voicemail greetings

I’d like to declare that the Mac vs. PC shtick is old and tired. If you’re releasing a new product, please refrain from spoofing those ads. That is all.

YouMail lets you assign customized voicemail greetings based on who’s calling. Finally. Yes. I love it. It’s touted as a service that let’s you "express yourself to friends and family while remaining professional to unknown callers."

I made the mistake of assuming that taking out a Home Equity line or credit from Wells Fargo wouldn’t result in them calling two or three times a day trying to sell me other stuff. Now, whenever they call they’ll hear "Hey Wells Fargo, go fly a kite with a hole in it! Ha! Seriously, stop calling and pretending there’s something really important you want to talk to me about. I’m on to your game. Drop dead. Love, Doug!"

Cell Phone Voice Mail with Personalized Greetings and Online Retrieval [YouMail] via Mashable