• The Haves and Have-Nots: The True Story of a Reader Suddenly De-Invited from TED

    I was determined never to write another negative post about TED. Really. I feel like my views on the conference’s smug-tendencies have been well-stated. And, as I said in this article in Fast Company, I think the TED Fellows program and the TEDx program have gone a long way towards fulfilling the stated mission of TED, doing actual outreach into places the conference long professed to… Read More

  • StumbleUpon Video Finds TED And Hulu Content And Takes Surfing Social

    “People like stumbling videos more than webpages,” StumbleUpon founder Garrett Camp tells us in explaining why the service has decided to revamp their video offering, which they’re doing tonight. While you’ve been able to stumble through videos for a couple of years now, they’re finally making the experience more social. And they’re adding two big names to… Read More

  • I'm Finally Joining the TED Royalty. (Sort of.)

    As we wrote last year, some of the die-hard TED faithful have been grousing about audience fragmentation and cliques-within-cliques at the conference since its move to Long Beach a few years ago. People — especially some from Silicon Valley– have pined for the days when everyone was stuck in the same hotel in Monterey and there wasn’t much else to do except listen to… Read More

  • TED talk: To save the world, we have to play 21 billion hours of video games per week

    Yes, you read that right. According to Jane McGonigal, we as a people need to play online games for 21 billion hours per week in order to solve the world’s problems. Real problems, too, not silly things like making sure Simon Cowell stays on for another season of American Idol. We’re talking poverty, having access to clean water and healthy food, climate change, obesity, global… Read More

  • Tim Berners-Lee advocates for open data

    Sir Tim Berners-Lee speaks at TED2010 about the value of open data. Read More

  • Google Has Another Oprah Moment, Gives A Free Nexus One To Everyone At TED

    This year’s TED conference is in full swing, bringing with it the usual complaints from people who aren’t going and the often thinly veiled boasts from those who are. And it looks like the 1,500 fortunate people in attendance are getting a nice bonus on top of their days mingling with some of the world’s brightest minds: Google is giving all of them a free unlocked Nexus… Read More

  • David Blaine reveals at TEDMED how he held his breath for 17 minutes

    I don’t care how you feel about magician David Blaine. Watch the TED video after the jump where he tells the story about his journey to break the breath holding world record. It’s fascinating and he’s actually a good storyteller. But be warned, you’ll probably spend the next 20 minutes watching the video and gaining respect for David Blaine. I did. Read More

  • Siftables: another way to make kids smarter than us

    MIT graduate student David Merrill was inspired by building blocks to design computerized blocks called Siftables. They are interactive computers each the size of a cookie and can sense each other and their motion. Make sure to check out the video after the jump. Read More