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Sources say Web Summit Ventures will be a new $40M follow-on fund

Web Summit, one of the world’s largest events centered around technology startups, is to launch a brand-new venture capital vehicle consisting of two new funds, TechCrunch understands. The move

Biden’s QSBS tax plan would have unintended consequences for startups

Buried in Biden’s 2021 tax plan are new amendments to the U.S. Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS) program, which, if passed, will impact early-stage startup employees, founders and investors.

4 common mistakes startups make when setting pay for hybrid workers

Regardless of your startup’s stance on the topic, having a consistent compensation philosophy that you apply to your evolving workplace has a unicorn-sized influence on important growth metrics.

As its startup market accelerates, Brazil could be in for an IPO bonanza

"There are many high-quality tech companies being built in Brazil with very experienced management teams and very exciting stories that will capture the hearts and wallets of Brazilian … investors."