tech valuations

Welcome back to the SaaS bear market

Investors have sold off cloud stocks to the point where they are in bear-market territory when compared to 2023 peaks.

Was tech’s ‘bull run’ simply a temporary surge?

Several factors converged to help Instacart, Arm and Klaviyo to go public, but those trends have largely reversed — we may not see more IPOs for some time.

Cooling inflation in the US brings slight relief to tech valuations

New U.S. inflation data is augmenting tech stocks, helping shares of cloud companies reach prices they haven't been close to for nearly a year.

As inflation slows, did we just see the bottom for tech stocks?

Slower rate increases would shift the calculus for investors, making assets like stocks — and tech stocks in particular — more attractive.

Maybe we were valuing software companies the wrong way all along

Call it the return of the P/E ratio, or the revenge of profits, but the days of the revenue multiple might be behind us. At least for now.

Most startups were overvalued before 2021, and now it’s causing problems

In a normalizing market like this one, once-inflated valuations can become a big problem, particularly for founders, employees and early investors.

The one-chart argument that tech valuations have fallen too far

The 2019-2022 share price parity allows us to determine if Okta is on the receiving end of a potentially unfair shellacking.

Will rising interest rates decimate startup valuations?

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. This is Saturday, which means it’s not a usual day for u

The era of ultra-rich software valuations could be behind us

Put simply: If the tech companies with the richest valuations were dragged closer to a 20x multiple, it would slash the worth of nearly every tech company, period.

Will rising interest rates scupper the startup surge?

Investor and entrepreneur Anshu Sharma — formerly a partner at Storm Ventures, now CEO of privacy-focused SkyFlow — asked on Twitter today about the connection between interest rates and t