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Customer support via SMS is about to get a lot easier, courtesy of Zendesk

Customer support powerhouse Zendesk is broadening its ever-expanding number of support channels today, as the company announced a brand new native channel for customer service over the text messages.

Fixya’s New App “6ya” Lets You Get Voice & Video Tech Support For Anything In 6 Minutes Flat

For nearly 10 years, online Q&A site Fixya has offered a way for web searchers to find information and receive troubleshooting support from area experts and other local pros. Today, the company i

What 2014 Tech Products Made The Mom Cut?

Anthropology is the study of humans, and little fascinates me more than watching humans interact with technology. We express such a broad range of emotions when we use our gadgets and devices, from de

Google Apps Users Can Now Get 24/7 Phone Support For Chrome

Google just <a target="_blank" href="">announced</a> that Google Apps for <a target="_blank" href="http://www.googl

Smartphone Got You Down? Verizon And Motorola Have Some Good Advice

Are we in the post-PC era or aren't we? A tipster sent in this <a HREF="">Verizon "quick tip"</a> that su

Consumer Reports says Apple has the best tech support, Acer/Gateway/eMachines the worst

<img src="" />Consumer Reports has a new report on which computer company has the best tech support. <a HREF="

Wal-Mart rolling out tech support services

<img src="">Hey, lookin' good there Mr. Man. I like your protective booties. They look like slippers! Wal-Mart has contracted with service

Computer makers' tech support quality compared

<img src="" alt="apathy" />LAPTOP recently pit the big computer vendors' customer service offerings against one another with two phone calls

Pogue shares tech support humor; We share Pogue

[photopress:call_center.jpg,full,center] I had the misfortune of working tech support for a time, and I came away from the experience with the mindset that people should have to have some sort of lice

Microsoft supports Boot Camp Windows installations?

I’m just gonna throw this rumor out there but let’s keep our pants on for at least the rest of the afternoon (not that this is a huge deal, but it is a little interesting). According to a

Canadians Can Help You Upgrade To Vista, Eh

Despite what others might say, over the weekend I broke down and upgraded to Windows Vista Ultimate. I hit a couple driver-related snags, but was able to recover no problem. However, while I’ve

Sony To Offer In-Store Tech Support

The next time you cruise by the Sony Style store at your local mall, you may find people waiting in line with PS3s, VAIOs, and Walkmen. Don’t be alarmed, as they’re simply there trying out

Apple Wants YOU To Be An iPhone Tech Support Rep.

Starting next month, Apple will begin to train an army of representatives to handle the influx of tech support calls related to the iPhone. If you’re need of a job, then perhaps you should consi

CrunchBack: Share Your Customer Service/Tech Support Horror Stories

It’s no mystery that customer service exists more as a way to appease the Better Business Bureau than to actually serve any customers, but there’s a spectrum — some companies give it