Google Apps Users Can Now Get 24/7 Phone Support For Chrome

Google just announced that Google Apps for Business, Education and Government customers can now call and email the company with their questions about Chrome. Google, of course, has always been somewhat notorious for its lack of customer support options, but this is slowly changing. Last November, for example, the company announced that it would start offering 24/7 phone support for paying Apps for Business users. Starting today, Google Apps users can call and email Google for support with “Chrome installation, functionality, security, browser policy settings and Google Apps interoperability for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.”

Google says this move makes Chrome “even better for your IT folks at work” and is encouraging Chrome users to send a copy of its announcement to their IT department at work.

Having 24/7 phone support is obviously a big deal for business customers who don’t have all day to browse through forums and wait for other users to answer their questions. Adding phone support for Chrome will give Google Apps users an extra layer of peace of mind and may just convince more businesses to switch to Chrome.

Google promises to respond to “P1 priority support requests” (defined as “Service Unusable in Production”) within an hour. Other support requests will be answered within one business day or less.

For those companies that use legacy apps that don’t run in Chrome, by the way, Google now suggests a dual-browser strategy: “The costs of using an old browser can range from reduced speed and feature gaps to exposure to critical security holes – far greater than the costs of supporting a second browser.”