Pikum launches beta for friendly betting

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Pikum has gone into an invite only beta. The site lets anyone create and play games called Pikums where they can see who’s better at predicting the outcomes of future events/sports fixtures. Pikums can be played for bragging rights, or users can compete for real cash, capitalising on the attention and engagement of fans. Think gambling social network. Technically an e-gambling site, its registered as business on Gibraltar but is run out of London. Early last year Pikum won a seed round from of $650,000 from First Round Capital and a Series A from Virgin USA of $5.27 million. When I can get my invite code to work I’ll let you know what it’s like…

  • http://www.thoughtsintime.com Sean Glass

    Thanks for the post Mike. One quick correction. Our seed round was from First Round Capital, the founders, and angel investors. No money from Gemini Israel Funds (I actually have never even talked to them). Could you let me know where you found that info so we can correct it?

    Also, I sent you another invite. I think when I emailed you, it may have been an error I made. Feel free to call, email, or twit me if you still have problems getting in – we have about 100 people in now so I know it’s possible ;-)

  • http://uk.techcrunch.com Mike Butcher

    Will correct that – the info was from CrunchBase – David Cohen. Will check.

  • http://n/a Keld

    Pikum = Looks like Fun Brand. Simple. Addictive. Great Team = WIN.

  • http://www.shop5.com Roger Jackson

    Great concept, I just worry that the name Pikum is a little too close to the perjorative slang for gypsy. i.e. Pikey.

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