TechCrunch Dinner with Scott Rafer, CEO Lookery

UPDATE: This event is now sold out.

I recently heard that Scott Rafer would be in town next week. Scott is a Silicon Valley Internet entrepreneur, CEO of Lookery (CrunchBase info), and former CEO of MyBlogLog, which was acquired by Yahoo! last year for $10 million.

So I thought I’d throw a quick dinner to get some startups together and chat. Scott will be talking informally about the scene in the US for startups, and his impressions about the European scene which he knows well. The event will be of particular interest to social networking startups.

You can get a ticket to the dinner here on EventBrite.

Unfortunately, due to the nightmare of booking a venue last minute there are only 12 places, so hurry and get yours. We’ll be throwing bigger, more open TechCrunch events in due course – this dinner is a sort of experiment. If it’s successful and people like the idea, we’ll do more.

(PLEASE NOTE: This is an all-inclusive “Ticket Only” Event, which means you’ll need to have purchased a ticket prior to the event. You can’t turn up and buy one, sorry about that! :-( )

Scott Rafer has been helping Internet publishers and users jump on What’s Right Now! since 1995. Today, that means delivering services for social publishing and discovery. Scott is CEO of Lookery, as well as co-founder of Mashery and chairman of Winksite. Lookery is an ad network and user-targeting service that is supporting the growth of social applications starting with Facebook. Mashery manages API and developer programs on behalf of web services providers including Facebook app providers. Winksite helps publishers large and small assemble active mobile communities around their brands based on the content they already syndicate. Just before all that, he was CEO of MyBlogLog until Yahoo! acquired the company in January 2007. Before MyBlogLog, Scott tried to build blog/RSS search companies in both 1998 & 2003. Before the first dotcom boom, Rafer led Internet products group Kodak Hollywood, worked in investment banking at Needham & Company, and graduated from the M&T Program at UPenn.

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