SellaBand takes audience participation in independent music to the US

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SellaBand, the social music startup which encourages music fans to invest in up-and-coming artists, is expanding its offering to the US in a deal with company CreateSpace.

The deal relies on CreateSpace’s Disc on Demand service, an inventory-free solution in which discs are manufactured only after a customer places an order. It’s an elegant and affordable solution to a common problem – you go to a gig, see an up-and-coming band, fall in love with their music – and then have to live with bootleg recordings or crappy quality MySpace streams or YouTube vids because the band’s so up-and-coming they can’t afford a CD run.

SellaBand’s model turns the recording industry model on its head; leaving it to the audience rather than the label to invest in talent in an IPO-stylee share sale. Any artist can sign up to the site and showcase their music to the general public. As part of signing up, the artist issues 5,000 ‘parts’, which sell for US$10 each. When someone buys a part, they become a ‘believer’. With enough believers behind them, a band can raise the $50,000 it takes to get into the studio and produce an album.

To date, SellaBand believers have helped 30 artists from 13 different countries raise the full $50k, and invested over $3m in unsigned artists. Investors receive a limited edition copy of the resulting album. On top of that, the artists and their fans share in album sales revenue.

SellaBand has collaborations with and, and recently appointed Public Enemy frontman Chuck D as ambassador for the company, supporting its US expansion.

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  • Will Phipps

    Once in a while something comes along that just seems to work in helping musicians through using the internet. CD Baby completely rocked (and still does) and it looks like these guys are doing something equally impressive. The kind of thing that actually makes me think I might actually do something with my music. To date 29 artists have raised $50,000 with them. That’s a typical advance from an indie deal. Wow. I can’t wait to see them grow while the record industry continues to sue itself out of existence.

  • Marcus Davage

    Good article. ;-)

    Impressive stats – good news for up-and-comings.

    How different is this from slicethepie?

  • Jo (SellaBand)

    Both SellaBand and Slicethepie are platforms that help emerging artists get to the next level. But that’s the main similarity between the two sites. SellaBand allows artists to raise their recording budget via crowdsourcing online from fans and the general public worldwide. When the $50,000 target is achieved they can record the album they want to make with total creative freedom and are offered full A&R support to help choose the most suitable producers, engineers and studios. Fans, or ‘Believers’ as we like to call them, invest from as little as $10 into an artist and receive a limited edition CD mailed to their home plus a share of the artists’ sales income.

  • ChukChansiGoldResortCasino

    Nice post, good info…

  • Kristoffer Lawson

    I’m a big fan of the Sellaband concept and am really keen to see what results from it. The feeling is this is a model and change which we will see ever more of in the future. I mean, obviously I’d say that as we’re kind of betting our company on it ;-) But great news from Sellaband nonetheless, plus I really dig Public Enemy…

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  • Paul

    Sellaband sounds like a great concept. I assume artists are free to use any recording facility they choose. No wonder ChuckD endorses such creative freedom.

  • Jaysen

    Great to see there are movements still on-going that are working towards helping new artists, and aiding them to reach a bigger audience – we at TheMusicVoid interviewed PIAS UK, one of the leading distributors of independent artists and labels, and see what they had to say.

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