Digital influencers and the dollars that follow them

Animated characters are as old as human storytelling itself, dating back thousands of years to cave drawings that depict animals in motion.

Warner Bros. looking to reboot Superman movie franchise. Again.

<img src="" />Get ready for another movie franchise re-boot! Yes, Warner Bros. wants to re-boot <i>Superman</i>, and it wants Christop

Awww, my stapler sucks now

Look at you, you boring old regular non-superhero version of a stapler that sits atop my otherwise paperless workspace. You make me sick. I have half a mind to put you up on eBay in the hopes of garne

The AudioFile: Sonic Weapons, Justice League-Style

Traveling through the Scottish countryside with fellow writer Todd Seavey, who has written a couple of storylines for Justice League comic books, I began to doze off. Todd had just told me one of his

Funnest, Most Dangerous Toys of 2006

Every year local news outlets drag out that old chesnut, the most dangerous toys of the year. This year they focus on Heely’s aka Massive Head Trauma in a Shoe and a Superman lamp that could, ac