Warner Bros. looking to reboot Superman movie franchise. Again.

Get ready for another movie franchise re-boot! Yes, Warner Bros. wants to re-boot Superman, and it wants Christopher Nolan to sorta oversee the project, but not direct it. You’ll recall that Mr. Nolan successfully re-booted Batman, the silliness of the second film notwithstanding. Money is money.

Warner Bros. attempted to re-boot Superman in 2006 with Superman Returns. Oh, you didn’t see it? Neither did anyone else. And with the success of the Batman movies in the past five years, Warner Bros. would like to see some of that success rub off on Clark Kent and Co.

The very fact that so many movie franchises have to be “re-booted” suggests that there’s something fundamentally wrong with movie-making in Hollywood, but I”m sure the movie studios will be more than happy to ignore that little fact.

One of the key issues with Superman, as I understand it (I’m not a comic book reader), is that he’s just so damn boring. He’s basically invincible—who wants to see that? At least Batman is an emotional wreck, and if you tie his shoes together he’d probably trip and fall. Superman? He’d break right through, fly around the world, then turn back time to prevent that shoe-tying incident from ever happening. Lame-o.

Actually, yeah: who’s better, Batman or Superman? Batman all the way, I say. And what I say matters a whole hell of a lot: I write for CrunchGear.