Oracle To Buy Sun For Approximately $7.4 Billion – Hold On To Your Hats

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Sun Ready To Renew Acquisition Talks With IBM, If They Promise To Walk The Walk

<img src="" width="200" height="180" />Looks like Sun Microsystems is open to renewing acquisition talks with International Business M

IBM not buying Sun or "Here doesn't come the sun"

<img src="">Oh noes! IBM withdrew its <a HREF="">$7 billion bid

IBM could buy Sun

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Sun Microsystems Acquires Q-layer To Expand Cloud Computing Offerings

<img src='' />Sun Microsystems is elevating its presence in the cloud with the acquisition of Belgium-based <a href="

The intersection of social media and the cloud

The competition for the next wave of enterprise computing has heated up since Microsoft announced its Windows Azure strategy a month ago. While the jury is out in some quarters about Microsoft’s

Sun's Schwartz and his Failsafe moment

Sun Microsystems is on the ropes. The New York Times says so, the hallway conversation starts and ends with “too bad”, and the wagons appear to be circling around, or rather, behind Jonath

Sun Preps RIA Resurgence With New Java Release

<img src="" class="shot2" /> Sun is releasing a new version of client-side Java insipidly called SE 6 Update 10 that sets the ground

The Big Picture gets up close and personal with the Sun

What geek doesn’t enjoy some great high-res astronomy pics? One of the best photography blogs out there, The Big Picture, has 21 stunning Sun photos up for your enjoyment. Dial-up users be warne

Salesforce Ditches Remainder of Sun Hardware

Sun has used Salesforce .com as a primary case study of Sun hardware and software powering the future Saas platforms. The early versions of the Salesforce website and application even included a &#821

NASA to send a probe to the Sun, what will it find?

I wonder which job is tougher; blogging or designing “a heat-resistant spacecraft designed to plunge deep into the sun’s atmosphere where it can sample solar wind and magnetism first hand.” One

Microsoft Stops Fighting Linux, And Tries To Give It A Big Bear Hug Instead

Is Microsoft finally learning to love the penguin? After years of fighting Linux and denying its very usefulness, Microsoft has recently changed its tactics. It is trying to be more open, even if that

Greenplum Takes $27 Million Series C

Database software provider Greenplum has taken $27 million Series C is a round led by Meritech Capital Partners that included Sun Microsystems and SAP Ventures. Greenplum leverages open source databas

Exploring an old Sun Microsystems building

In the heyday of “microcomputing” Sun was living giant. Their terminals were everywhere and their graphics machines were state of the art. Look how far the mighty have fallen. This travelo

Johannes Kepler $100k Astronomer's Wristwatch

Came across this unique watch on BoingBoing. Only 99 of these watches were made and are named after 17th century astronomer Johannes Kepler. He’s the dude who came up with the formulas for the L

Sorry, No ZFS In Mac OS X Leopard

I have some crushing news for you: ZFS will not be the default file system in Mac OS X Leopard. That’s as of today, June 12, 2007, at least. A senior marketing fellow for Leopard said, unequivoc

Leopard Will Use ZFS File System: Sun

Sun opened its big, fat mouth today and announced that Apple’s upcoming Mac OS X Leopard will use its ZFS file system as its default. (Macs currently use HFS+ with journaling enabled as the defa

Sun Responds to AJAX, Silverlight with JavaFX

Reports at Infoworld and CNet News that Sun will roll out a Java-based product family called JavaFX at the Java One Conference in San Francisco today. The announcement follows the recent well received

Freeloader Steals Energy From The Sun

Saying that the Freeloader is a “pocket-sized” device is a bit of an overstatement, but it could certainly fit in a purse or backpack quite nicely. Freeloader basically leeches energy from