Fashionably AI

This summer’s wedding season required me to buy a new suit. I vowed to be adventurous and buy a color I normally never would have considered. Alas, I opted for a little more movie-theater usher

Custom Suit Maker Indochino Hires’s Drew Green As Its New CEO

There's a new boss at Indochino — Drew Green, who was previously founding CEO at online retailer For those of you who haven't used it, Vancouver-headquartered Indochino allows men to upl

Army suit increases human strength by 20 times

A U.S. Army contractor has developed an Iron Man-like suit that can amplify human strength by up to 20 times. (You’d almost be able to lift Biggs, then!) The suit, developed by Salt Late City-ba

Apple agrees to refunds for power adapter buyers

Just a quick note for those of you who purchased replacement power adapters for your iBook or Powerbook, the ones that cause sparks and start fires that burn you and your family alive: you’re ge

HTC confirms driver update forthcoming, not much else

If you own an smartphone manufactured by HTC running Windows Mobile, you’re about to receive a free software update. We don’t know when it’ll hit or what it will do, but it’ll

Seattle man sued for leaving neutral feedback on eBay

Let’s say you buy a few coins on eBay. Let’s say you get a fair price. Let’s say when the coins arrive, though, they’re packed poorly, loose in an envelope. Not good for old co

"Vista-Capable"-stickered PC's Vista-incapable; Microsoft to pay?

So some Washington folks are getting all ornery over what they believe is a misleading sticker put on new computers during the lead-up to the Vista release. “Windows Vista Capable,” boaste

Court case might change the laws of second-hand buying: Craigslist, eBay, others in jeopardy

I’m always scared of lawyers. We live in litigious times, and lawyers are the “new priesthood, baby!” They’re involved in everything. When I got my first “cease and desis

Grizzly Man in Financial Ruin, Selling Halo Suit

Troy Hurtubise, famous for his bear-proof suits, recently made headlines for developing a Halo-inspired anti-ballistic suit. After spending $15,000 and several years developing the suit, Hurtubise had